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Pool Cleaner

You’re probably wondering why it would be necessary to clean your pool when you use other sanitizing chemicals such as Chlorine and such, we’ll help answer that question.

When you’re washing your hands you use soap which is a cleaning agent for your hands, but it doesn’t exactly do the job of cleaning the surface or the sink as other chemicals and cleaning agents made for that particular purpose, after awhile you’ll begin to see a build-up of disgusting things that definitely shouldn’t be growing on the surfaces of your sink and eventually mold will join in on the party as well, next thing you know your dishes will be swimming in a marsh and that’s not the most appetizing thing, which can result in health hazards. The same case applies to your pool; Chlorine and Bromine might help to a certain degree, but it will definitely not help leaves, insects and scum from getting in your pool and cleaning the pool walls and floor. Obviously in addition to chlorine you should clean your pool almost religiously.

Necessary Pool Cleaning Equipment

To help you out on your pool cleaning voyage we thought of couple pool cleaning devices that can make the process way easier and motivate you to clean it more often, you know you want them.

Lets take a stroll to your pool shed and check out your current pool cleaning equipment to see if they’re in shape and got that summer body ready, or if you’re missing any of the essential equipment, or you’re new to pools and you have no clue where to begin, that’s when we come in to save the day...or your pool.

• Skimmer Net

This would be the most used and most useful device you can have in you pool shed, it scoops out bugs, leaves, hair ties, hairs and twigs. There are two types of skimmer nets; bag skimmers and flat skimmers, we recommend the bag skimmer since it can hold more and finish off your job way faster so you could go back to whatever you feel like doing. Also you want the heavy duty skimmer nets, the rule is the cheaper it is the higher chance of it breaking, you wasting your money and going out every year or every season looking for a new net. An awesome tip by us is to skim your pool every day to prevent things from sinking to the bottom.

Suggestion: Skimmer Net, Heavy Duty

• Robotic Pool Vacuum

Its pretty awesome that you can purchase a robot to clean your pool, its like back to the future. It obviously cant do all your pool cleaning but it can do a lot of it quickly and efficiently all thanks to this device, this is all what you want for Christmas. What it essentially is is a small self contained unit that drives around your pool floor sucking your pool debris up as your sipping up your Pina colada at your pool-side. The only downside although is that they are expensive and repairing them is also. We recommend couple high-quality robot pool vacuums that can change your pool cleaning process approved by consumer review reports.

• Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner • Pressure Side Pool Cleaner • Dolphin pool cleaner+ hose
Suggestion: Polaris Vac Sweep 3900 SportIn Ground Pool Cleaner

What are the essential requirements of keeping my pool clean, safe and enjoyable to swim in?

1. Pool Sanitization - Water Purification
2. Pool Cleaning - Elimination or Cleaning of Sediment and Debris

Let’s start with Swimming Pool Water Purification this refers specifically to the elimination or security of knowing that there isn’t any bacteria in your water which means it’s safe to swim in and submerse your body in without any risk to your health or those that are enjoying the pool with you. Although pool water may look safe to swim in it is the presence of chlorine, bromine which you test for, that insures that there is no risk in swimming in the water. Testing water regularly for chlorine/ bromine, PH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Calcium is very important. It is the foundation of great pool water quality and will ensure the lowest cost and effort to maintain.

Pool Water Sanitizer or Purification Options

1. Chlorine is available in many different forms all having different benefits and disadvantages.
• Liquid (Sodium Hypo-chloride) – This chlorine is unstabilized, inexpensive, chlorine concentration 10 – 12%, difficult and risky to transport, easy to introduce to your pool just pour it in for fast results, more demanding and less control over chlorine levels.

• Granular (Calcium Hypo-chloride) - This chlorine is unstabilized, relatively inexpensive, chlorine concentration 65 – 70%, low risk for transportation, higher risk for storage must be kept dry and in an cool shady space, should be premixed in a bucket with water prior to pouring into the water, do not cascade directly into pool can bleach pool liners, more demanding and less control over chlorine levels.

• Granular Stabilized - This chlorine is stabilized, relatively expensive, chlorine concentration 90%, low risk for transportation, must be kept dry and in an cool shady space, should be premixed in a bucket with water prior to pouring into the water, do not cascade directly into pool can bleach pool liners.• Chlorine (Pucks 3”, Mini Pucks 2”, Tablets 1”) Stabilized – 90% Free Available Chlorine, low risk for transportation, low risk for storage, should be kept dry and in an cool shady space, should be added to a chlorine dispenser or automatic chlorinator, the chlorine dispensers have flow adjustments to help either increase or decrease the volume of chlorine being added to the water. The 3” Pucks (Hockey Pucks) are by far the most popular way for pools owners to manager their pool chlorination needs.

• Bromine – Bromine sanitized pools were common for years but have become less and less over time. The chemical “Bromine” is very similar to chlorine in the way that it kills bacteria and harmful contaminants, but the two chemicals react in different ways in the swimming pool water. Bromine is most commonly used to sanitize spas/hot tubs because it is more stable than chlorine in the warmer temperatures.

Pool cleaning

1. Pool Skimmer and drains

– These items are in the body of pool shell, not all pools have drains.

• Pool Skimmer - the box on the side wall slightly below the surface and slightly above it. It “skimmer the water” with a suction line connected to you pump (pool pump and filter) which draw water from the pool. The skimmer has a basket that collects debri that is floating on the surface.

• Drains – usually in the floor of vinyl pools they are also attached to your pool pump and can draw small debris from the floor or deeper water in your pool. Their primary purpose to ensure that the deeper water is being circulated for water purification and heating.

2. Pool Pump and Filter

– Your pool pump draws (sucks) water from your pool through the skimmer and drains (first stage of filtration). The water is then drawn into the pump through the basket (2 nd stage of filtration) and then the water pushed through your pool filter (3 rd stage offiltration). Then the water is sent back to the pool clean. Cleaning your pool and eliminated the larger debris that doesn’t make it into or get caught up in the filter. Often its dirt or debris that’s on the floor and walls.

1. Manually – To manually clean your pool you will need:
2. Pool Skimmer or Leaf Net
3. Pool Vacuum Head
4. Pool Universal Extension Pole
5. Pool Wall Brush
6. Pool Vacuum Hose.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

1. Suction Pool Cleaner – The most common and first generation of automatic pool cleaners. These pool cleaners are available for in ground pools and above ground pools and work like a manual pool cleaner in that they use your skimmer and pool pump for suction. They do work independently and don’t require a person to move them around the pool. Some examples are the Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac DC33, Baracuda, Hayward Pool Vac, Zodiac MX8

2. Pressure Pool Cleaners – These pool cleaners are also available for in ground and above ground pools. They work off your return jets and are propelled and debri collected in a bag or is stirred up and caught in your skimmer. Pressure Pool Cleaners are effective but the least common of all automatic pool cleaners. Some examples are the Polaris 65 Above Ground Cleaner, Polaris 360.

3. Robotic Pool Cleaner – The easiest to use and the most technically advanced and lowest maintenance pool cleaner. Think of your computer verses a typewriter. Robotic Pool Cleaners work independent of your pools filtrations system and have they own internal storage for the dirt and debris they collect. More modern household vacuum cleaner. Robotic Pool Cleaners can have features like an auto return button, remote control, WIFI enabled ect... The robotic pool cleaners are all low voltage power and the power cords are long enough to do 99% of all residential pools. Most of the pool cleaners come complete with a storage cart to help move them around your deck and store them neatly. Some examples of the best Robotic Pool Cleaners are – Polaris 945, Polaris 955, Polaris 965, Polaris 825, Hayward E Vac, Hayward Aqua Vac QC, Hayward Aqua Vac 500, Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820, Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830 Robotic.

A clean pool helps protect and prolong the life of the pool and your pool equipment like all things they are almost much more inviting when they are clean.

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