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Polaris 65 Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your pool clean, you need a name you can trust. For over years Polaris has been a name you can trust as one of the leading competitors on the market selling pressure pool cleaning systems. The system has been engineered with you in mind, with its durable construction and knowledgeable designed. The Polaris 65 Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is no exception.

Unique Engineered Design

Designed to work in all above-ground pool shapes up to 5-feet deep, the Polaris 65 Above-Ground Pool Cleaner doesn’t limit you to a sweeping or vacuuming option, it combines both features in this highly refined design. The pump is powered by pressure, thereby your filter and skimmer continue to remove debris for the ultimate high-powered clean.

The Polaris 65 Above-Ground Pool Cleaner also features a one-of-a-kind jet sweep assembly that works to break up debris in hard to reach areas, then sweeps the loosen debris into a filter bag. The patented system works to force water against the pool’s wall, loosening debris in those tough spots. The filter bag saves your filtration system, extending its life by eliminating contaminants before it reaches your pump’s basket. The system will work in sync with your existing pool equipment to clean your pool.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation is simple with the Polaris 65 Above Ground Pool Cleaner. First you will need to make sure you have all the correct pieces ready. You need your long hose, net, net hose, net assembly, and main unit. Follow these simple steps upon installation:

1. Take your long hose and connect it to the back of your main unit by screwing it in. If you find that your long hose is stuck in the coil position, professionals suggest you lay it straight outside, in the sun, for up to 24 hours. This will ensure that it will not coil up upon submerging into your pool’s water. 2. Next connect your net hose to the bottom of the main unit, screwing it in place. Note the sticker on the hose to tell you what side to connect to your unit. Be sure to remove the sticker before connecting the hose. 3. Now take your net assembly and connect to the other end of your net hose. Again, screwing it in place. Pop your net into the end of the net assembly. The tabs on either side of the net assembly will guide you into popping it in place. Pushing the tabs will allow you to clean the net after each time you clean your pool. 4. Once your net is connected, place the unit in your above-ground swimming pool. Hold the end of the long hose out to connect to your return. 5. When you connect the end of the long hose to your return pull the disconnect off the end. Open up the dial, which controls the flow, by turning it. Pull out the screen inside the end of the hose, and clean the screen before using to ensure it is not clogged. Unscrew the return and screw in your disconnect. Some pool owners leave the disconnect in throughout the pool season to skip this step when cleaning. Now just pop your hose into the disconnect. Turn your pump on, and your Polaris 65 Above-Ground Pool Cleaner will begin to run. Adjust your flow accordingly for the optimal clean. If you’re looking for a pool cleaner with easy installation, look no further than the Polaris 65 Above-Ground Pool Cleaner. It works to vacuum and sweep your pool in three hours or less. It comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, as well as wear and tear. Get yours today at!

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