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Product Review: Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump 3/4 HP

When it comes to choosing a water pump, it is important to remember that your pool pump works to maintain your pool’s general cleanliness and distribution of chemicals by acting as a source of circulation. The Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump ¾ HP is from the WhisperFlo High Performance Pump line. Whether you’re looking for a pump for commercial or residential use, this pump meets the requirements of both. Regardless of their pool needs, customers can agree that the Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump ¾ HP is a versatile, user-friendly, efficient pump that lasts. This pump is not only energy efficient, but budget friendly too costing less to operate since it can produce water flow using less horsepower.  Engineered with a hydraulic design for superior performance and maximum efficiency with a variety of dynamic features, like inground versatility, the Advanced FunnelFlo™ Diffuser, energy efficient motor, and more. Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump 3/4 HP When it comes to inground versatility, the Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump ¾ HP works well with a variety of pool sizes. The Advanced FunnelFlo™ and high-efficiency impeller work together to provide optimal water flow and maximized efficiency, with minimal noise. The energy efficient motor proves to be a low maintenance machine, never needing lubrication. The state-of-the-art design encompassed with superior performance makes for long-lasting circulation. Designed to last with minimal maintenance, the Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump ¾ HP takes in to consideration our Canadian climate. Thus its almond exterior is constructed with thermoplastic materials that aid against high heat and corrosion. Even the motor’s frame has been designed to aid against the consequences of weather, with the stainless steel rust proof motor shaft, and bearings that are sealed, therefore never needing lubrication. The pump is also designed with a cooling system, which increases its life as well. The Cam and Ramp™ lid has been designed with user-friendly functions. Engineered for optimum performance and use, the lid can be easily removed and relocked in place with a simple quarter-turn of the cap. The lid’s see-through cap was constructed with polymer, the lid is not only resilient, but will remain clear and intact even longer. The Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump ¾ HP features an oversized strainer basket, which enables cleanliness by catching whatever comes its way. Plus due to its large side, it allows for a longer time between cleans. This feature is ideal for all pools, especially commercial. What distinguishes the Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump ¾ HP from the competition is the WhisperFlo motor component that significantly reduces noise. Loyal to its strong design, the pump combines the element of security; the pump is certified for safety being both NSF and UL certified. Overall, the Pentair WhisperFlo Inground Pump ¾ HP is a pump that has been designed with user-friendliness, superior performance and maximized efficiency in mind.  The pump’s engine is not only easy to install, but also features a see-through lid, and oversized strainer basket. The pump has been engineered with the strongest materials, like rust proofed stainless steel and polymer. These materials work together to increase the pump’s longevity. Have a questions about pool pumps?  You can contact us here, we're happy to answer any questions.  Discount Pool Supply is the online leader in swimming pool supplies in Canada.  We offer free shipping nationwide for hundreds of products.

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