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Product Review: Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump

Pentair is a name you can trust. The Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump is boasted as the industry’s most intelligent pump. Its cutting edge, innovative technology has been encompassed into a high performance pump. Created with longevity in mind, the pump is not only reliable, but is low maintenance too. With Pentair’s quiet technology, the pump is equipped with magnet motor and enclosed fan to ensure optimal noise reduction. The Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump’s motor has been designed to last. Inside, the magnet motor skillfully produces less heat and vibrations, thereby creating less wear and tear to the pump’s components, as well as other pool equipment. The totally enclosed fan cooled design protects against climate damage, like high heat and freezing, as well as corrosion. The pump works to circulate your water, and while doing so improves filtering and water chemistry. This is due to slower moving water at longer periods. Benefits include:

  • Energy-efficient

  • Slower moving water over longer periods makes for increased effectiveness of automatic chlorinators and chemical dispensers.

  • When automatic chlorinators and chemical dispensers have improved function, it reduces algae build up.

  • Enhanced filtration because particles are not being filtered through at high pressure.

  • Features an oversized strainer basket that allows your pump to rest longer in between cleans.

The IntelliFlo pump has integrated microprocessors, allowing it to self-adjust in order to provide required flow rates while saving on energy costs. The microprocessors monitor conditions and self-adjusts based on conditions for the least amount of water flow while providing premium circulation, which explains its superior performance. When the pump is set for optimal use and conditions, it can go as far as cutting energy usage up to 90% compared to standard pumps. You can enhance cost effectiveness and energy efficiency by setting pump times to off-peak hours. The Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump will help enable efficiency with the rest of your equipment, as well as allow the user to add or change surrounding equipment without reducing overall performance. This also includes altering water features. One of the user-friendliest features of the Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump is that it has integrated diagnostics. The diagnostics inform the user of any issues, thereby aiding in preventing premature pump failure from common causes like freezing or voltage issues. It also features an easy to use integrated keypad that displays operating functions. The pump is also compatible with Pentair’s EasyTouch system, and SunTouch system. It is important to remember that your pump’s function is for optimal pool circulation, which provides general cleanliness and even distribution of chemicals. When searching for a pump, look for one that works for you, and is compatible with both your cleaning and surrounding equipment. Luckily the Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump does just that by working with your surrounding equipment for an energy efficient, cost effective, superior performance. It’s also compatible with most standard pool equipment, as well as with a variety of other Pentair lines. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW Have a questions about pool pumps?  You can contact us here, we're happy to answer any questions.  Discount Pool Supply is the online leader in swimming pool supplies in Canada.  We offer free shipping nationwide for hundreds of products.

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