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Metal Stains In Your Swimming Pool: What They Are And How To Get Rid Of Them

Part of continued pool care includes fighting metal stains. You will often notice metal stains arising after PH levels have been high or when you chlorinate your swimming pool. Metal stains are not to be mistaken with organic stains which can be similar in appearance; but organic stains are left by algae or environmental debris.

Fiberglass swimming pools are prone to metal stains. The most common culprit is often iron in rural areas. If your pool water is from a well, test it for iron. To treat an iron stain, you need to remove it with Vitamin C or a form or ascorbic acid. In this case, placing a Vitamin C tablet on the stain for 30 seconds will suffice. If this is effective, you should continue treating with ascorbic acid. However if your water contains iron and stains are plaguing your water, you may need to have iron free water delivered.

Another common culprit might be copper, as it is in some algaecides, mineral systems, and ionizers. Copper can get into your water if the PH levels drop below 7.0 through the copper heat exchange coil found in pool heaters. Copper could also be the reason a swimmer’s blonde hair turns green.  In very rare cases metals can colour your water green, blue, or yellow, while keeping it clear. Note, if metal is the issue your water will not be foggy.

It is a difficult task to remove metals from the water. Essentially the best way to do this is replace your water with metal free water. More cost effective solutions include taking preventative measures during your regular cleaning and chemical routine. Lowering your PH and adding sequestrant can help if your water has changed colour.

To remove stains can also try regularly dosing your pool with a sequestrant. Sequestrants work to bind metals and prevent stains by breaking them down in the pool to help maintain levels. The most effective sequestrants are founded on HEDP, phosphonic acid, or phosphonic acid derivatives. is here to help you fight against metal stains in your swiming pool. We offer an array of products to help prevent and rid your pool of metal stains, including

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