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What Kind Of Above Ground Pool Should You Buy?

Above Ground Pools in Canada Looking to buy an above ground pool but not sure which one you should choose?  Read on as we explain the various differences so you can make an informed choice. There are certain factors that should be taken into consideration when buying and installing an above ground swimming pool. These include the size, depth, shape, and frame style of the pool.

Pool Size

One of the main factors is the size since it needs to fit in your backyard while still giving you some room to maneuver. The shape of the pool will be entirely up to the individual with the most common options being round, oval, rectangular, and square.  Round above ground pools is the most common and popular.  Rectangular gives you more of an inground pool look, especially if it is partially buried or has a deck around it.  Oval is good for long but narrow yards and can give you more room for swimming laps.

Pool Depth

Above Ground Pools typically come in 48". 52" and 54" wall heights.  If your kids are a bit older and can all swim, you may want to go with a deeper pool like a 52" or 54" wall height.  However, if you have small children you may decide a shallower model is the best answer, a depth where the kids can stand is also fun for playing pool games. In addition, remember that a deeper pool will hold more gallons of water and this will require more chemicals and a more powerful pump to keep the water clean.  If you are using an above ground pool heater, it will also require more energy to keep it heated.

Pool Frame

When it comes to the type of frame, you can typically choose from aluminum, resin, steel or a combination of two different materials for a hybrid style. Steel used to be the most common and least expensive option. But even though the steel is supposed to be corrosion-free, it can eventually oxidize and corrode over time. Steel is also the heaviest type of material used for above ground pools. On the other hand, resin pools won’t oxidize, corrode or rust and that’s why they’re more costly. Most hybrid pools are a combination of steel and resin with the resin being used for the components that are exposed to water and steel being used for the pool’s support. Aluminum pools won't rust since they do not contain iron, but they can corrode over time and are thinner than steel wall pools.  They are also more expensive than steel options.

Pool Liners

Once you’ve decided which type of above ground pool is best, you’ll need to select an above ground pool liner. A liner protects the pool, but it also holds the water in place and affects the overall look of the pool. There are basically four different liners to choose from which are overlap, beaded, j-hook and unibead, and expandable. An overlap liner means it overlaps the pool. It is attached by coping strips with the excess liner hanging over the pool’s edge. A beaded liner consists of a thick vinyl bead which installs into a track along the top rails of the pool. However, the liner doesn’t reach to the very top of the pool and there’s a chance water may get between the liner and the walls of the pool. The most flexible liner is the j-hook and unibead option while an expandable liner will expand to specific lengths and depths. An expandable liner is recommended if the pool has a deep end. It’s also a good idea to install a floor pad under the liner to protect the liner and cushion it.

Pumps and Filters

You’ll need to choose an above ground pool pump/ filter system for the pool as this, will circulate and filter the water to keep it clean. The three types of filters available are sand, diatomaceous earth (DE) and cartridge. Sand filters have been around for decades and need to be backwashed to keep them clean. The sand also needs to be replaced every few years when it becomes too dirty to clean. However, this type of filter is the least expensive of the three and they filter particles to the size of 20 to 40 microns. A cartridge filter uses replaceable cartridges to filter debris between the size of 10 to 15 microns from the water. They don’t require much maintenance, but cost more than sand filters. These filters operate with a lower pressure than a sand filter and result in a better flow rate. The cartridges can be taken out and cleaned with a hose when necessary or replaced if you choose. The D.E. filter uses diatomaceous earth powder to filter small particles between five and 10 microns from the water. The powder works similar to a sand filter, but it is considered to provide the best filtration of pool water even if it comes at a higher cost. In addition, these filters require more maintenance due to more frequent cleaning.

Additional Considerations

Once you’ve chosen the size and type of above ground pool as well as the liner and have the pump/filter system in place you can decide on other options such as decking, a heater, sanitizing system, lighting, ladders and slides etc. Remember, when buying an above ground pool, your yard needs to be level and the pool will need to be winterized during the colder months of the year, especially here in Canada.  Some people prefer above ground pools which can be set up for the summer and taken down for the winter. These are less expensive, but require more work and the quality is usually not the greatest. It’s also important to review the warranty that comes with different above ground swimming pools. Warranties can vary depending on the manufacturer and seller. You want to make sure these people stand by their products and it’s worth taking the time to check out some reviews of the pool available as well as reviewing the dealer you’re buying it from. Have questions about what type of above ground pool to purchase?  Discount Pool Supply Canada has a wide range of above ground swimming pools, we offer fast and free shipping across Canada for all of our above ground pools.  Contact us today to learn more or start shopping for above ground pools here.

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