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How To Install Above Ground Swimming Pool? Do It Yourself - DIY

How To Install Above Ground Swimming Pool? Do It Yourself - DIY

At Discount Pool Supply Canada we only sell high quality pool products that are fun for adults and kids. Whichever you install it or us - It is absolutely crucial to install the pool correctly.
In every community there are professional pool installers if that what you prefer. They will charge as much as $2000 to install your new pool or you can do it yourself in 2 or 3 days.
For less than $3000 you can have your own backyard above ground swimming pool that will last 20 plus years.

If your handy, and have the time, installing an above ground pool you will be pleased with the outcome and the time and money invested. Your new above ground pool will provide your family limitless fun, exercise, relaxations at a very low cost. How you and your family spend time is the summer at home will change forever.

Installing a complete above ground pool will take as little as a two or three days. Once install the Work is done an you'll have a little pool maintenance. In season and then you'll have to close the pool for the winter. In the spring the pool needs to be opened for the season. Both the pool openings and pool closings will take around 2 hours.

How to install an above ground pool

All above ground pools come with complete detailed instructions on how to install and best practices for above ground pool installations. In addition, professional support by phone or online chat. If you have any questions please Reach us at 1-855-394-7665 or try our chat line.

It's a relatively simple - 10 step process

(1) Finds a suitable relatively level location - think pool size and sun exposure
(2) You will have to remove the grass and level out the land where the pool will be install
(3) Once the ground is level you will have to add the base material, sand or screenings and level the base.
(4) When the ground is prepared you will then have to install patio stone around the perimeter of the pool at the same level as the base. The patio stone support the post/uprights of the pool frame. The uprights secure the pool wall and are a critical part of the pool structure.
(5) Once the ground is prepared and the patios stone are in place you ready to start assembling your above ground pool.
(6) Once the above ground pool is assembled you will have to install your above ground pool liner and add some water to secure the liner in place.
(7) When your pool and liner are completed you have to install the pool skimmer, pool return fittings pool pump, pool filter, pool heater, pool salt water system or pool chlorinator.
(8) Now you will have to cut in the pool return and pool skimmer will with water and start the system.
(9) The final step is to add some chlorine to purify the water and make sure it is safe for swimming. Check the Temperature - Watch this video.
(10) Time to have fun with your family for many years at a very small price.

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