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Hayward vs. Pentair Pool Products


Hayward pool products

Hayward may have a smaller footprint than Pentair in the marketing and advertising world, but they make great products. Their filters are user-friendly and reliable. They clean well and overall are very well designed. If you ever have to make a  decision from a price perspective, then hands down Hayward is the better choice. However, I personally prefer Pentair products because they have a nicer design and are easier to use. When you find a cheap Hayward product and a similarly cheap Pentair product, don’t think twice before grabbing Hayward as for a similar price it is arguably better.

Haywards pumps are very well built. Some models come with big pump baskets and sturdy and reliable valves by TriStar. If you’d ask my opinion on a good Hayward pump, I would tell you to go for the Super II pump.

Another great product in their inventory is their Aqua Rite Salt System. You might be getting sick of my opinions, but hear me out because you might have regrets in the future.

I personally think the Pentair Intellichlor is a better quality and better-designed model but that’s debatable. Some people prefer the Aqua-Rite system and it is quite a good system. It’s reliable and easy to maintain, while the salt cells are actually very well made and long-lasting.

Hayward makes very reliable heaters and they are surprisingly rodent proof. So, if you have problems with rats, mice or squirrels this can be your best friend. This is especially true in a place like Canada where they seem to find their way everywhere.

Hayward Ratings

Filters: 9/10

Salt System: 9/10

Pumps: 8/10


Indoor H-Series Pool Heater

Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Cell system Generator

Pentair pool products

Pentair has never publicly mentioned this, but it owns Rainbow Pool Products and STA-RITE. This means they are by far the largest manufacturers out there. Pentair undisputedly makes the best Cartridge and Sand filters while their IntelliFlo pumps are just incredible manufacturing marvels. I made this conclusion based purely on the quality of their fiberglass filter tanks. They are extremely reliable and so are its internal parts such as cartridges and filter elements.

Pentair’s water pumps are tied with the pumps of other manufacturers because, to be frank, there really isn’t much of a difference between the Hayward Super II and the Pentair Whisperflow pumps. I’ve heard that the Wisperflow burns out much faster, but that is true for pumps in general.

However, to say that Pentair’s Variable and Dual Speed pumps are the best in the industry is an understatement. Pentair is always updating their tech, so I think it’s very easy for me to say that Pentair's Variable and Dual speed Pumps are a great choice.

Their Heaters are actually good and somewhat reliable. As heaters, regardless of their manufacturers they are almost always failing. I hope this isn’t too controversial but I’d say that Hayward Heaters are slightly more reliable than Pentair's.

Pentair Rating

Filters: 9/10

Salt Systems: 9/10

Pumps: 8/10

Variable and Dual Speed Pumps: 7/10

Heaters: 8/10

Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump

So to conclude the argument of which manufacturer out there makes the best pool equipment, we can agree that both of them have their positives and negatives, so just buy whichever one is best according to your honest judgment. Just make sure it actually does the job it’s meant to excel at.

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