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Great Tips For Opening Your Swimming Pool This Spring

When it comes to opening your swimming pool there is no universal guide that works for every pool owner. With such a wide array of available products on the market there are too many unique set-ups for there to ever be a one size fits all solution. There is a lot that goes into opening your pool before you even turn it on.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to check before turning your pool on for the first time.

The first thing you will have to do when opening your swimming pool is test your water. Next, check over your equipment and make sure all the plugs are in place. Tough Canadian climates can wiggle one or two loose over the winter, and it may mean your pool won’t start if one has come loose. Check your pressure gauge, and make sure the needle reads "0"or else it may need to be replaced. You will also want to check your test kits and make sure that they are still functioning to speed. A good indicator would be comparing pool water to tap water if something with your test strip seems awry.

Here are some other helpful tips to note before to do before you turn your pool on:

  • Converting to Chlorine - If you’re converting to chlorine from a PHMB you must have your replacement filter media on before you start your pool, but do not use it until after the remaining PHMB is gone. This will save your new filter media.

  • Last Year’s Chemicals - If you have leftover chemicals from last season, use them first. If you think they may not be effective anymore, you may want to purchase new chemicals.

  • Opening Stored Chemicals - Note when opening any stored bromine tabs or chlorine chemicals for the first time do so outside and stand upwind when you do. Stored chlorine chemicals have some dangerous gasses present and it is important to protect yourself.

  • Using Foam Products - Pool professionals recommend to avoid using any foamy algaecides or foam tile line cleaners upon opening as it can trigger a continuous demand for chlorine. This will lead to you continuously adding chlorine into your pool without it having any effect.

Now you’re ready to uncover your pool. Upon uncovering your pool, shock it like crazy, but not too crazy that you forget to measure out the necessary levels to ensure you don’t destroy your liner. That is unless you are utilizing a copper system or an ionizer, in which case don’t shock your pool. Remember to run your pump as you add chemicals.

Next clean the debris such as leaves and slime out of your pool. Ensure your pool is in tip top shape by scooping, brushing, vacuuming, filtering, shocking and repeating if necessary. Get any yellow out of your pool with a chloramine generating system or ammonia based product. Talk to your local pool professional to better understand the process.

Since you’ve now shocked your pool it’s time to balance the pH levels. If you notice your pH levels are not between 7.2 and 8.0, try to get them there. If they are severely out of whack, work to adjust them gradually, not in one dose. Remember to dose, allow proper pump run time, retest, and repeat cycle as needed. Only focus on your pH upon opening, once that is stable work on the calcium if need be, then turn your focus to the alkalinity if needed. has all of your swimming pool needs for when it comes to opening your pool. We offer free shipping on hundreds of pool and spa products across Canada at prices below retail pool stores.  Have questions about opening your pool or the chemicals you will need?  Contact us here, we are happy to answer any question!

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