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Is Flocculant or Clarifier Right for My Pool?

As a pool owner, you have likely seen flocculant and clarifier at your local pool supply store, and the two have likely left you wondering – which one is right for my pool? Take a look at the difference between these two products, how to use each and how to determine which one is right for your pool.

Pool Flocculant

Flocculant, commonly called floc, helps you to eliminate the particles and debris that are turning your water cloudy by pushing them to the bottom of the pool. Once these particles have settled, then you can simply vacuum them out. Most pool owners like floc because it works fast, however if you don’t plan on vacuuming then maybe this isn’t the product for you. This product is great if you are looking to get quick clarity of your water for a party or guests; however, you are going to have to work to get it completely clean. Using floc is simple, just add the product directly to your pool water and allow it to run for two hours while the particles settle. Take note that if you have a sand filter you need to set it to recirculate for floc to work. Once you have allowed the filter to run for two hours, turn it off for more than eight hours while the chemical mixes thoroughly. The best time to start your pool’s floc treatment is at night, so you are not tempted to use your pool and it can sit for the given time. When you wake up you should see all the particles and cloudiness settled at the bottom of the pool. Now you can use your manual vacuum to clean out all the debris from the bottom of the pool, however you will want to add fresh water as you go. Your pool might cloud again from the vacuum kicking up the particles, however you can continue vacuuming a couple times to ensure they are all out.

Pool Clarifier

Pool clarifier works in conjunction with your filter to help eliminate the particles that make your pool cloudy, just like floc. However, this is done through coagulation with clarifier, which means that these particles come together making larger particles that your filter can catch. Ultimately, this is how they will be eliminated from your pool, so your work is minimal. Clarifier will take longer to get your pool clean, however your work is limited to putting it in your pool water, which many of us can appreciate. Pool Chemistry Oxidation To use clarifier, follow the directions on the container and add a few ounces per day to your pool water, while your pool filter is running. From this point, your filter and the clarifier will work in conjunction to help clear out the particles making your water cloudy. However, before you apply clarifier, take note of some ways to help make the clarifier more efficient.

  • Turn on the main drain that is located that the bottom of your pool (if you have one), as this will filter out the water at the bottom of the pool.

  • If you don’t have a bottom drain on your pool then you can turn your manual vacuum upside down at the bottom of your pool and leave it on.

  • Get your family in the pool and swim. This will help to kick around the particles throughout the pool so that they can better be eliminated.

Now that you know the difference between flocculant and clarifier, you can best determine which one is right for your pool and for your needs. Have a question about how these are used or other pool chemical related questions?  Feel free to contact us here, we're happy to answer any questions.

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