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Easy Ways to Decorate Your Swimming Pool for a Party

There are few settings more perfect for a summer party than your own swimming pool. With the right decorations, you can transform your pool into the ideal venue for a casual backyard BBQ, elegant wedding reception, or creative theme party. Here are some simple ideas for decorating your swimming pool for your next backyard bash.


Flowers can add stylish flare to any poolside event. For a wedding reception, cover the water with the same kind of flowers used in the bridal bouquet to continue the wedding’s theme. For a magical effect, you can also float upside down umbrellas in your pool and fill them with colourful flowers, or use hula hoops to separate groups of flowers in the water into enchanting constellations. Most florists will design floating flower decorations, but it’s much cheaper, and almost as easy, to create your own. You can use pins to insert real or silk flowers into some pool noodles to create a pretty floating garland. For a more professional touch, try the same idea using styrofoam balls and special greening pins, which you can pick up at any craft store. flowers-decorating-pool


The right lighting can completely change the atmosphere of an evening poolside party. String up some Christmas tree lights or cheerful papers lanterns, hung at different levels for a pleasing visual effect.  Float some simple tea lights in the pool water, or combine flowers and lights for a more elaborate water decoration. You can use white candles for a chic monochromatic look or choose a rainbow of coloured candles for a more tropical feeling. You might also consider investing in specialize pool lights, which can create mesmerizing underwater light shows. lights-in-pool


Balloons are a popular party decoration for good reason: They’re inexpensive and there are virtually endless inventive ways to use them. For wedding receptions, you can match the balloons’ colours to the wedding décor, or use the guest of honour’s favourite colours for a birthday party. In addition to tying groups of balloons to outdoor tables, chairs and other surfaces, you can also throw some balloons into the pool water for added colour and fun. Decorate the pool by tying the balloons to weights to make a lovely arrangement of balloons floating over the water. You can tie the balloons with bright ribbons or use thin fishing line to create the impression that the balloons are suspended in the air, not attached to anything at all. In the evening, try inserting glow sticks into the balloons to make eerily-beautiful pool lanterns. balloons in pool Hope there tips gave you some ideas for decorating your swimming pool during your next backyard party.  Discount Pool Supply is the online leader of pool supplies in Canada, we have a greats election of products and offer free shipping across Canada.

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