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How To Easily Add Months To Your Pool Season

For most people, the swimming pool season is far too short, especially those who live in areas with cooler climates like here in Canada. However, there are several ways you can extend the pool season and the fun. Everybody wants to get the most out of their pool each year and by following these tips you may be able to keep your pool open for a few weeks longer. This can be done by opening it a little earlier in the year and closing it a bit later.

Heated Water

The best way to keep your pool open is simply to make sure the water is warm enough when the air temperature drops. This means you’ll need to do as much as possible to help achieve this. The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’ve got an effective heater installed.

Gas Pool Heaters

If you reside in a cooler part of Canada (every part) you may be disappointed at the short length of the summer. But you can heat your swimming pool water pretty quickly by using a gas heater. These powerful heaters are designed to warm the water up effectively and quickly. If you turn the heater on in the morning you should be enjoying the pool by lunchtime. The most common types of gas heaters run on natural gas or propane and they can typically raise the temperature of your pool water by 30 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Solar Pool Heaters

A good solar pool heater can usually raise the water temperature by about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of heater is the most cost-efficient since it operates mainly on the sun’s rays. Of course this means you need to reside in a sunny area for it to be a good option for you. Many pool owners install them either on the roof of their home, on the ground, or beside their pool. The sun’s rays are absorbed by the heating unit and it converts them into powerful sources of heating energy. Solar heaters are also ideal for above-ground pools and a popular choice with their owners.

Solar Pool Blankets

A good pool heater will help warm up the water and keep it at a comfortable temperature, but you can also help keep the heat in by covering your pool with a solar pool blanket. Solar covers are generally cost-efficient and are quite easy to install and use for both above and in-ground swimming pools. They’re designed to warm the water during the daytime and retain the warmth throughout the night.

Solar Reels

If you plan on using a solar cover to keep the water warm it’s recommended that you install the blanket on a solar reel. This will simplify the process of rolling the cover on and off of the pool. Without a reel you may find it’s a quite difficult task to cover and uncover the entire pool without the help of another person. The bigger the pool, the harder it is for one person to cover the pool without the aid of a reel. The reel also makes the task safer and it allows you to store the cover at the edge of the pool while you’re swimming.

Solar Rings

An alternative to a solar blanket are items known as Solar Sun Rings. These are large circular-shaped objects that are about five feet in diameter and are made of heavy-duty Ultra violet-resistant vinyl. They’re easy to use as they just rest on the water and heat it in the same manner a solar blanket does. These solar rings will also help to retain the warmth in the water when the sun goes down for the day.

Combine a Pool Heater and Solar Blanket

Solar covers work so well because they reduce both chemical loss and water evaporation, which ultimately saves you money. Many pool owners may not realize it, but water evaporation is the main offender when it comes to loss of heat in a pool. It’s estimated that evaporating water is responsible for approximately 70 per cent of a pool’s heat loss. A good solar cover can help to reduce the rate of water evaporation by as much as 50 per cent. This also saves you money as you don’t need to keep adding water to the pool. A pool heater works well in tandem with a solar cover as they join forces to keep the water warm. If you have a pool heater and don’t supplement it with a solar blanket it’s sort of like running your home furnace on the coldest day of the year and leaving your windows open. This is because the heat will escape quite quickly and you won’t be getting the most out of your money.

Pool Heat Pumps

A heat pump can also warm up the water as they gather in the surrounding air and then compress it. This air is then used to heat the pool water. They’re designed to be used in moderate, sunny climates where the temperature is usually at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them ideal for some areas of the country during the spring and autumn. A heat pump is also cost-efficient and simple to use. Have a question about how to extend your pool season in Canada?  Contact us here to learn about the many options of keeping your swimming pool heated efficiently during those cooler months.

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