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Product Review: Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G Ozonator

Looking for an alternative sanitization method for your pool? Look no further than an Ozone generator, like the Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G Ozonator. Del Ozone leads the natural water purification industry, with Ozone generating products for your pool’s purification needs. When you opt for ozone sanitation that means that you will begin using fewer chemicals, making your water more environmentally friendly. Ozone generators are considered to be one of the most effective natural sanitizing methods when cleaning your pool. It works to reduce your chlorine or bromine usage up to 90%.     Ozone is the most effective system for irradiating the following:

  • bacteria

  • viruses

  • mold

  • algae

  • oils

  • lotions

  • other contaminants

Providing your pool with 450 ppm of Average Ozone Concentration, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe for humans. Unlike chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals Ozone will not irritate eyes, dry out skin or fade swimwear, making it perfect for young children, those with sensitive skin, and those who long for a more refreshing feel. The Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G Ozonator is reliable, energy-efficient, versatile and easy to install.  Whether you opt to use it as your primary or secondary* sanitation source, it can be installed during the construction of your pool, or install it later by integrating it into your other pool equipment. *If you do opt to use it as your secondary source, be sure to continue to perform regular testing, as well as regular chemical maintenance on your pool as needed. Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G OzonatorThe Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G Ozonator is a glass ozone cell with ceramic tube ozone generators and integrated power supplies that work together to deliver dissolved ozone working coinciding with the pool pump system. It is easily plumbed into the pool’s main return line if you wish to integrate the system after your pool’s equipment has been set up. When you connect the Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G Ozonator to your pool’s circulation system, every time your pump turns on Ozone will be released into the water. If you wish to use it as your primary source of sanitizing make sure the pool is no larger than 7,000 gallons. If you opt to use it as your secondary source of sanitation, use in a pool less than 25,000 gallons. Not only is the Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G Ozonator easy to install, but it is easy to use too. The integrated LED operation indicators and flow meter makes for a user-friendly experience. For premium performance the device operates under a vacuum for effectiveness and added safety. When you opt for an Ozone generator, you can expect superior sanitation of over 200 times stronger than when you use chemicals. Not only does it reduce your ecological footprint by decreasing the use of harsh chemicals, but also reduces overall costs. When it comes to searching for a cost effective, natural sanitizing solution, it is worth it to invest in the Del Ozone Eclipse 1 I/G Ozonator. Have a questions about pool pumps?  You can contact us here, we're happy to answer any questions.  Discount Pool Supply is the online leader in swimming pool supplies in Canada.  We offer free shipping nationwide for hundreds of products.

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