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What is the Best Heater for an Above Ground Pool

As with an inground pool, you’ll be able to open you’re above ground pool earlier in the year in cold-climate areas and close it later on if you have an efficient heater. A good heater will allow you to keep the water at the same comfortable swimming temperature all season long. Heater for above ground pools are rated by a measure of heat energy known as a BTU. Basically, it takes one BTU to heat a pound of water a single degree Fahrenheit. Heaters built specifically for above ground pools come with lower BTU ratings than inground models since the pools are generally smaller. There are several well-known above ground heater brands on the market including Pentair, Hayward, and Raypak. These manufacturers sell numerous types of compact heaters which are relatively easy to install. The size and power of the units vary and this will affect the heating time of the pool water. If you’d like to heat the pool quicker you can use a model with a higher BTU rating, such as an inground pool heater. So, to be clear on this point, an inground heater will work on an above ground pool and the higher the BTU rating will result in quicker heating. If the water is heated faster it will result in less energy used. But on the other side of the coin, a more powerful heater will cost more than a less powerful model. It’s hard to calculate the cost of using a heater each summer since you can’t really predict the weather. The type of heater being used will also affect the energy costs as you’ll find there are electric, propane, natural gas, solar heaters and heat pumps on the market. And let’s face it, the cost of gas and electricity etc. can usually be as unpredictable as the weather in Canada. Heat pumps are often overlooked as they run on electricity. They draw the warm outside air in to generate heat to the water via a refrigeration cycle. They’re not as quick as conventional heaters, but are considered less expensive to operate in the long run. However, a heat pump isn’t as effective once the outside air temperature falls to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, a heat pump is more suited to areas of the country with warmer climates. When it comes to solar heating, you’ll need to lay out the initial installation costs of the system and the panels. But after that, you’ll be using the free heat of the sun to keep your pool warm and there isn’t much cost involved other than maintenance issues. Of course, is the sun isn’t shining, it’s going to be quite hard to heat your pool as you can’t just turn on a switch like you can with a conventional pool heating system. Solar panels can be installed on a nearby roof or a rack and even on the ground. A flex hose is used to connect them to the filter system and the water is heated when it travels through the panels. RayPak 106,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater Above Ground Pool Heater PR106AENC Raypak is a popular above ground heater with Canadian swimming pool owners due to its energy efficiency and reliability. This unit features a non-corrosive cabinet which is polyester-coated for durability as well as a tough galvanized metal bottom. The wind-resistant heater comes with an all-copper fin-tube heat exchanger for maximum heat exchange. This Raypak heater has an electronic ignition system and a convenient analog dial. Installation is made quick and easy with the two-inch flange connections. This model is available for propane and natural gas use. Raypack pool heater ecoSAVER Solar Panel Kit, Two Panels (10' x 30") 1688465 The ecoSaver Solar Panel Kit is ideal for those pool owners interested in going with eco-friendly solar panels. This kit can easily be mounted on your roof, shed or garage as the panels are made of a flexible rubber-type material which is specifically designed for transferring heat energy. The material is also resistant to all types of pool chemicals. It works in combination with the pool’s filtration system and comes with two panels, installation instructions, and installation hardware. There are two available sizes which are two 10-foot x 30-inch panels or one 20-foot x 30-inch panel and additional panels can be added at any time. Eco Saver Solar Panel Kit Have questions about choosing the right pool heater for your swimming pool?  Discount Pool Supply has a wide selection of swimming pool heaters and we offer free shipping across Canada for all of our pool heaters.  Contact us today to speak to one of our pool professionals.

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