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P955 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning, like any other chore out there is not to be taken lightly. Whether it is for above ground pools or inground swimming pools; a regular pool cleaning schedule is a must. Just like any other service such as plumbing, lawn care or house cleaning, there are dedicated companies providing services for pool cleaning. However, it cannot be understated that pool cleaning and maintenance can become expensive. There is already a hefty cost associated with backyard pools, even if you buy the cheaper, above ground pools. The further extra cost of cleaning and maintenance can truly eat up your budget. Hiring a pool cleaning crew can sometimes be a nightmare or a serious drain on the budget if not thought out properly.

Thankfully, today’s world offers a wide variety of automatic pool cleaners that have a fixed cost and require no supervision while they are cleaning.  You also can breathe easy knowing that you do not need to have a crew of service people in your backyard.

There are 3 major types of automatic cleaners in the market:

1. Suction Side pool cleaners: Suction side cleaners are the cheaper variety of pool cleaners that use the natural suction of the pool pumps they are connected to. Therefore, you can easily connect them to your existing pool system. The term “suction side” refers to the pipes and fittings that bring water out of the pool to be filtered; that water which is being "sucked" out of the pool by the filter and pump. When the hose is attached and the filter and pump are running, suction gets created on the underside of the cleaner. The cleaner moves strategically and automatically around the pool with motion created by a device that gives a stop / start pulsing of water. As it travels, debris is sucked up through the neck and then the hose, past the suction port, through the pipe, and stops at the pump strainer basket, while smaller debris passes through to the pool filter. Suction side cleaners need to be constantly checked and the debris has to be regularly cleaned..

2. Robotic pool cleaners:  The major difference between suction side and robotic pool cleaners, as shown here, is that robotic pool cleaners never have to rely on any of your pool’s filtration or pump systems. They are autonomous, and once programmed properly, they are simply plug-and-play. While they come in various shapes, sizes and features, all modern robotic pool cleaners have few things in common. They have one or more electric motor(s) that propel them and create suction, very similar to a suction side vacuum cleaner. They easily plug into regular household power outlets and have a power supply unit close to the outlet. That power supply unit is responsible for a major reduction in voltage (120 V to 24V) to make the robotic cleaner safe and prevent any unwanted  dangerous electrical discharge. The debris is usually retained inside the machine, in an attached filter canister/container and it has rotating brushes that help dislodge algae and other debris sticking to the bottom of the pool. Depending on the use and whether needed for commercial or residential pools; prices can vary..

3. Pressure-side cleaner: A pressure side cleaner, similar to a suction side cleaner also relies on the pool pump and filter. Most pressure side cleaners do require a dedicated booster pump. The cleaner uses the pools returns to create  suction that sucks up all kinds of dirt, debris and mud.  A great thing about these cleaners is that they have their own filter bags like the robotic cleaners, thus reducing the wear and tear on the pool’s own filter.

With automatic pool cleaners, you can have a little freedom from pool maintenance worries. The great thing is that the diversity in automatic pool cleaners means a wide variety for customers to choose from. You can use them for both above ground pools and inground pools. They can be used for commercial or residential uses. Given the high cost of maintenance that comes with a pool service crew, and other countless issues, it makes sense to own your own reliable and automatic pool cleaner. Everyone agrees that pool time should be spent relaxing and enjoying, rather than worrying. This is especially true given the short Canadian pool season!

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