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5 Tips on how to Install that Swimming Pool Liner You’re Looking At

A pool liner is a very important part of your pool. Unfortunately, liners tend to be a bit expensive, so it’s a good idea to find a competitively priced discount swimming pool liner. However, just because you’re trying to save on your budget doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality. After all, the liner is effectively the walls and floor of your pool. Its durability, color, and style define your pool. Here are a few tips to consider when deciding on your next pool liner.

1. Durability

The gauge of a pool liner is the thickness of the liner. Usually, a 20 MIL gauge is the standard for above ground pools, and 30 MIL is used for in-ground pools. The thicker the gauge, the longer the pool liner will last, so it’s very important to choose carefully to balance both durability and your budget.

2. Pattern

A discount swimming pool liner doesn’t have to look bad. The pattern of your liner is important for aesthetics. You can always use a solid colour, but patterns help add a little character to your swimming pool. The purpose of a pattern is to help hide dirt and debris on the liner. Any pattern is good at this. However, pool liners typically have seams in them, and depending on the pattern you choose, these seams may be noticeable. It’s a good idea to avoid tile patterns because their seams are often obvious. A pebble-type pattern is a better idea, though there are other options as well.

3. Colour

The colour of your discount swimming pool liner has more of an impact on your pool than just aesthetics. If you have a dark liner, it absorbs more UV, which will help keep your pool warmer. On the aesthetics side, it also helps to hide debris. Keep in mind there are downsides to having a dark liner. They will likely get bleached by the sun over the years and may be less durable because of UV damage. It’s a good idea to choose a colour that isn’t too dark or too light, to balance out these pros and cons.

4. Texture

You may be thinking that your pool liner doesn’t need a texture. After all, who wants a rough pool bottom? However, when it comes to stairs in your pool, it’s well worth the extra cost to get a rougher texture to reduce the risk of slipping. You may be able to find a texture that gives a much more natural feel than just flat vinyl when walked on.

5. When to Install your Pool Liner

It’s important to make sure the temperature is right when installing your discount swimming pool liner. If the weather is too cold, your liner will not be very pliable, making it difficult to install. Ideally, you want the temperature to stay above 16 degrees Celsius during installation. Canada’s colder climate means that you may have to wait until June to install your new liner.

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