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5 Things to Know When Purchasing an Above Ground Pool

So you’re ready to make the leap into pool ownership, or maybe you are ready to upgrade your old setup. Choosing an above ground pool can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. 

One: Each Above Ground Material Type has its Purpose

The first step is choosing your material, because that will dictate a lot of other options. When purchasing an above ground pool, you have the option of aluminum, steel or resin. Really, you can’t go wrong with any option, but each material has different benefits and implications.

If you want a saltwater pool, you can choose aluminum or resin. Steel is a great material too, but saltwater will rust a steel pool so it’s not compatible. 

Resin is the most budget friendly and typically lasts longer than steel pools. It will never rust or oxidize or erode. It’s important to ensure that your resin pool has a proper UV coating so it doesn't flake or crack. 

For a great resin option that is budget friendly, shop our Pacific model.

Aluminum is your other choice for saltwater pools. Aluminum is stronger than resin, but typically more expensive. This is because aluminum pools are treated with a special coating to prevent corrosion, rust, and oxidation. Aluminum pools are a popular choice in Canada for their strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Since aluminum is more flexible than steel, it is ideal for handling the movement of water. 

The Festival Above Ground Pool is a great aluminum option.

If you want a regular chlorine pool, steel is a great choice for an above ground pool. Steel is the least expensive and by far the strongest of all the materials. Its durability makes it resistant to deformation over time and many newer models come with a coating to resist rust. 

We've got great options when it comes to Steel Above Ground Pools, like the Paradise, Nuance, Key West, or Vantage.

Two: Select Your Wall Height

Most pools come in 52” and 54” wall height. It’s a small difference, but some people like the extra height. In either case, make sure you get a ladder to go with your pool. The ladders have adjustable legs, so don’t worry about getting the matching height. All our above ground ladders are compatible with all our above ground pools. 

Three: Know Your Style

Each above ground pool has a different look that can complement your backyard. Decide if you want something lighter, darker, with a pattern, or more high contrast. 

Once you know the kind of material, height, and style of the pool you want, you can select the right shape and size. 

Four: Find the Size and Shape for your Backyard

Once you know the material of your pool, the next step is choosing your shape and size. Above ground pools are available in round and oval shapes and can be as compact as 12 foot rounds, and as long as 18 x 33 foot oval. 

Be sure to measure your backyard and leave at least an extra foot of space around the pool for cleaning and accessories. This brings us to the next step.

Five: Accessorize for your Needs and Swim Style

Above Ground Pools come with different options and accessories to help you enjoy your pool. If you just want the essentials, you’ll need a pump, vacuum equipment, plumping and fittings, and basic maintenance equipment. 

To maintain the longevity of your pool, it’s a good idea to get add ons like a pool cove for installation, a solar blanket, and a winter cover. An automatic suction cleaner is a nice add on for easier maintenance.

If you want to deck out your above ground pool, you can choose a custom package and select all your own equipment, from pumps, to solar blankets, to robotic pool cleaners, and heaters. 

When you know what you need to buy your above ground pool, our pool builder makes it easy to choose your pool and customize your accessory package. It’s the easiest and simplest way to buy an above ground pool online. 

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