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5 Reasons Salt Water Pools Are Better Than Chlorine Pools

Trying to decide between a salt water or chlorine pool?  Thinking of making the switch to salt water? Salt water chlorinators have many advantages over traditional chlorine pools. If you are exploring the option of building or converting a pool into a salt water pool, or simply intrigued, read on to find out why a salt water system may be the best choice for your pool.

1.       No more liquid chlorine

Most traditional chlorine pools utilize liquid chlorine to maintain the pool’s cleanliness and sanitization. Liquid chlorine, however effective, is harmful for your body should fumes be inhaled, or come in contact with eyes or skin. Handling such a volatile substance can be dangerous, and it loses its potency quickly, so you will likely come into contact with the substance daily. Occasionally, salt water pools may need to have its chlorine levels adjusted. This is typically done with granular types of chlorine, so no liquid chlorine is involved.

2.       Easy on the wallet

You will be able to reduce your chemical costs because salt lasts a lot longer and does not need to be added every day. Salt’s potency is longer lasting, and will continue to work throughout the entire swim season. The only time you need to add salt is when water is removed from the pool, thus lowering the concentration levels. Typically, a single bag (up to 2 bags) of salt are added in a pool season to keep the concentration levels around 3000ppm. This is a lot more convenient and cost-effective than adding liquid chlorine daily.

3.       Easier on the skin and eyes

Chlorine has a tendency of drying out your skin and hair, and stinging your eyes. **With a salt water chlorinator,**these effects will be greatly reduced, and the salt water will actually hydrate and soothe your body. It is a lot easier on your skin and eyes. Especially for regular swimmers with skin issues and a tendency to get red eyes, a salt water pool will be a much better option with less eye and skin irritation, and less bleaching of any clothing or swimwear worn into the pool.

4.       Gets rid of that chemical scent

The scent of chlorine clings to your skin and hair long after you have finished swimming. It is generally not a pleasant smell- it is strong and heavy with a chemical scent. Chlorine smells can be avoided in all swimming pools, but it takes a considerable amount of extra work to do so in a traditional chlorine pool. Salt water pools will help lessen that strong smell and will be much less evident after bathing.

5.        Simple and easy to maintain

Not only is it more cost-effective, salt water pools also help you save time as it is a lot more time-efficient to maintain the chemical balance than in a traditional chlorine pool. Because the salt water chlorine systems release the sanitizer in small, steady streams, and are automated, there is more stability in pH and alkalinity levels, thus making your pool’s water much easier to maintain. Discount Pool Supply is the leader when it comes to buying pool supplies online in Canada.  We offer fast and free shipping Canada wide on thousands of products.  Have questions about making the switch to a salt water swimming pool?  Feel free to contact us here, we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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