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3 Tips for Picking an Above Ground Swimming Pool That Suits Your Need

Above ground swimming pools are often thought of as a luxury that the average person can't afford. When you think of a home swimming pool, you might picture a large hole in the ground, with an expensive liner, and a lot of expensive equipment. You probably haven't considered an above ground swimming pool. This type of pool cuts out the need for any kind of excavation and tends to be easier and cheaper to maintain than an in-ground pool. Above ground swimming pools can also easily be made to fit in the aesthetic of your yard. When choosing a swimming pool, you want one that fits your budget, but will not fall apart quickly. If your pool is cheap but will require expensive maintenance frequently, you aren't saving any money. But how do you tell if a pool is worth buying? Here are some things you should know before going pool shopping.

1. Pricing

One mistake a buyer often makes is to get blinded by the price of a discount pool. If the price looks like it's too good to be true, it probably is. Affordable doesn’t have to mean low-quality, but extremely cheap usually does. Generally, a very cheap pool won’t last you much more than a few months, even if you take care of it properly. Remember that you aren’t actually saving money if you’re spending more on repairs than you would on just a quality pool. Always be on the lookout for prices that seem much lower than standard. Above ground swimming pools aren’t often going to cost less than about $1000, even at a discount. Usually, if a vendor is selling at a lower cost than that, there is something wrong with the pool, and it’s probably not worth buying.

2. Positioning

Space is an important consideration when choosing an above ground swimming pool. When deciding which pool to pick, consider the dimensions of the pool, along with the area taken up by the equipment needed to service the pool. You will want your above ground swimming pool to be shaped in such a way that there is plenty of space for equipment such as the pump, filter, and heater. There should also be enough room to move around the pool easily. When deciding to purchase a pool, always have your backyard measurements in mind. You should make sure that you aren’t putting your pool in a dangerous area - for example, under electrical power lines, or underground gas or water pipes. It’s a good idea to put your pool in an open area so the sun can shine on it properly and help heat it on warm days.

3. Shape

Above ground swimming pools come in two shapes, circular or oval. Buyers often make the mistake of choosing an oval pool because it looks bigger. In fact, round pools hold more water, though oval pools may still be a good option depending on how your yard is shaped. Oval above ground swimming pools are usually more expensive than round pools. Round pools structurally support themselves thanks to their shape, while oval pools need additional structure. This means oval pools also take up more room in your yard than round pools.

Above Ground Swimming Pools | Discount Pool Supply | Canada

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  • Choosing a pool isn’t an easy process, especially when you’re looking for one that is affordable and also good quality.

  • Make sure not to get blindsided by unrealistic prices, and keep the shape and free space in your yard in mind as you’re choosing the perfect pool for you.

  • Discount Pool Supply is the best option for affordable high quality above ground swimming pools that will last you years to come. Contact us today to learn more.

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