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10 Reasons Moms Love Their Own Swimming Pool

There are many reasons why families and moms especially, find great value in owning their own swimming pool. Here we explore 10 reasons why they love having their own swimming pool, and you may find a reason to invest in your own! 1. No packing for the community pool Even if your nearby pool is down the block, you still have to pack a bag full of essentials to bring with you. Does a bag stuffed with towels, bathing suits, goggles, toys, aqua socks, and the like sound familiar? With a pool at home, there’s no need to worry about forgetting something at home! Pool safety for kids-girl underwater2. Fun exercise Both moms and kids alike will enjoy swimming in the pool, having fun while sneaking in a little exercise in your day! Best of all, it’s effortless and you don’t even realize that you’re staying active and keeping fit! This is especially important as we age to keep the mind and body sharp. 3. Entertainment for years to come After paying the initial cost, families can enjoy their pool for many years to come and have low-cost fun and entertainment year round, instead of shelling out for expensive vacations that are over before you know it. 4. Kids will prefer to hang out at home When they have a swimming pool in their back yard, they will take advantage of that low-cost entertainment and invite their friends over to partake in the experience. Moms will be able to keep an eye on their kids, as well as get to know their friends better.10 Reasons Moms Love Their Own Swimming Pool 5. Great option for girls night or date nights Enjoying a girls’ pool party or simply just relaxing with a glass of wine, it makes for an easy, low-cost, and fun venue for your next girls night or date night.   6. Bedtime is a breeze After playing in the pool all day, your kids will no doubt feel fatigued, tired, and ready for bed. It makes it much easier for parents and moms especially when your children not only cease bedtime protests, they practically ask to go to bed with no complaints. 7. Brings peace and tranquility Kids tend to bicker and argue when put together for long amounts of time, especially in the summertime with no school. Having a pool to laugh and splash around in will ease that tension and allow kids to play in a peaceful manner, and bring tranquility to the home. It is also a great place for mom to relax too! 8. Tanning3745445776_9e18164387 Many moms love to tan, especially during the summer, and having your own pool to lounge by and soak up the sun’s rays is a very relaxing way to pass the day by, while working on an amazing tan. There is no need to push and shove for space at the neighbourhood pool or beach. 9. I****nexpensive birthday parties Throwing a party for your children can add up, especially when they invite their entire class to come along. By inviting your kids’ friends to a pool party at your home, children will be having fun for hours, and your costs will be significantly cut down. 10. Solid family time Having family time can be difficult in this day and age with all the distractions surrounding us and the electronics wrestling our attention from the people that matter to us. Having the family jump in the pool together and just enjoy a good swim together, free from distractions, is a great way to bond, have fun, and get in some exercise.

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