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10 Great Reasons To Choose An Above Ground Pool

When it comes to Summer the heat can take its toll, so fight the heat with a swimming pool. If you're in the market for a pool, you may want to consider an above ground pool for your backyard. Here are just 10 great reasons why:

1. More Cost Efficient

A swimming pool is not only an investment for your entertainment, but it is an investment for your overall property value. When considering this looking at a cost effective investment is key, and an above ground pool is just that. Compared to some in-ground swimming pool models, the potential savings are astounding. From initial costs and installation, to heating as well as other costs over time, above ground pools can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Location, Location, Location

When it comes to choosing the location of your above ground swimming pool, you will be amazed by the considerable number of possible location choices versus an in-ground pool. With flexibility in shapes and sizes, you will be able to select the ideal spot to place your new pool.

3. Keep Your Backyard Spacious

The nice thing about above ground swimming pools is that you can maintain the essence of tranquility in your backyard without taking up too much space. Since shapes and sizes vary, you can find the perfect fit for your backyard.

4. Pool Portability


On that note, another great thing about above ground swimming pools is the portability factor. It requires more complexity than moving it like you would a plastic kiddie pool; but if you find you are unhappy with the initial placement of the pool, you can opt to change locations.

5. Quick Installation

When it comes to installing an in-ground pool, it requires an extensive installation process from hiring a team and digging up your yard, to expensive re-landscaping. Above ground swimming pools can be installed in one day, and do not require a team of professionals. In fact, you can install it yourself. Better yet, if you move you can also bring your above ground pool with you and install it in your new backyard.

6. Maintenance is Cheaper and Easier

Above ground swimming pools are easier to maintain than in-ground swimming pools. Although you still need to treat your pool using similar methods, the costs will be considerably less due to the size. Save money on maintenance aspects like pool chemicals, water usage, and heating costs. Since above ground pools are also portable and easy to install, you can save money on winterizing your pool by disassembling it then safely storing it in the off season.

7. You Wont Miss Out on Fun Features

Contrary to popular belief in-ground swimming pools are not the only swimming pools that feature your favorite pool accessories like ladders, diving boards, and slides. You can also purchase these add-ons for above ground swimming pools, depending on their size. That's right, you can have your cake and eat it too by enjoying fun pool features with the flexibility of an above ground swimming pool.

Pool safety for kids-girl underwater8. Potentially Safer Option

If you have young children or pets an above ground pool may prove as a superior swimming option based on safety alone. Where children and pets can wander into an in-ground pool as it lays flush with the land, an above ground pool is raised off the ground. Accompanied with proper gating and other safety measures, it is often a safer option.

9. Reuse Your Yard

If you are no longer using your pool or the swimming season has come to an end, you may find that the portability that comes with an above ground swimming pool gives you the freedom to disassemble the pool and reuse your yard for other activities.

10. You Save on Taxes

An in-ground swimming pool is a permanent investment to your home, thereby increasing property value and potentially raising your taxes. Since an above ground swimming pool is not a permanent fixture to your home it does not affect your property tax. Enjoy the same luxury as an in-ground swimming pool with an above ground swimming pool, without having to pay the taxes thanks to its portability factor. Have a question about purchasing an above ground pool?  Feel free to contact us here or view our large selection of above ground pools ready to ship across Canada.

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