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Hayward Universal ColorLogic One Large, 12V, 100FT, Color Light Kit

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    100% brighter than any on the market, these energy-efficient, lights deliver spectacular color to pools with a single incandescent light or pools with colored finishes, and breakthrough cost savings and installation versatility for new pools, spas and fountains. All-plastic, low-voltage design, combined with all-plastic Thin Niche eliminates the need for bonding, grounding and GFCI. Thin Niche also reduces cost for dig, steel and gunite because it is only 2.75in front-to-back and mounts to the face of the rebar grid. Pool and spa lights are UL listed for wall or floor installs without a rock guard and can be positioned just 4in from lens to water level - perfect for steps, beach entries and fountains.

    • 100% brighter* than any color LED light on the market

    • Use up to 86% less energy than incandescent lights and last 10x longer

    • Stunning 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows to choose from

    • 12V, 2-wire, all plastic design with no exposed metal and an unbreakable lens requires no bond, no ground and no GFCI for safe installation

    • Can be installed in a little as 4in below the waterline, and on the wall or the floor without a rock guard

    • 300 watt transformer available for multi-light installations

    • Brightness, dimming, speed control and 10 additional colours available when paired with Hayward®’s OmniLogic® or OmniHub™automation systems

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