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Hayward AquaVac 250Li Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Superior coverage for above ground and most in-ground pools. Featuring an innovative cordless design and extended battery life, the AquaVac 250Li is the first of its kind in the Hayward robotic cleaner family. It maneuvers with ease—no tangled cords or getting stuck—in above-ground and most in-ground pools and is equipped to handle up to 30% more dirt and debris than other cordless cleaners. Ideal for above ground pools up to 30' in diameter and shallow in-ground pools with a flat bottom (less than 15˚ and less than 60" deep).


  • Floating retrieval string which allows for easy removal from pool

  • Innovative cordless design ensures tangle-free maneuvering

  • 25% longer battery life than most cordless cleaners

  • 30% larger debris canister reducing the need for frequent emptying

  • Compact and lightweight for easy handling

  • Patented drive system provides complete coverage in above ground and flat-bottomed in-ground pools


Pool CoveragePool Floor
Cleaning CycleUp to 2 hours
Pool TypeAbove Ground Pools In-ground Pools that are flat-bottomed (less than 15˚ and less than 60" deep)
Pool SizeUp to 15' x 30'

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