Granular Stabilized Chlorine 2KG 19741

Granular Stabilized Chlorine 2KG

Saline Refresh-Salt Water Pool Shock 1Kg 611472

Saline Refresh-Salt Water Pool Shock 1Kg

Granular Stabilized Chlorine 2KG


Chlorine is a key chemical in maintaining your pool water chemistry and keeping it clean from any contamination. Swimming pools and spas will always be at risk of contamination by perspiration, lotions, environmental debris, algae, and other microorganisms. This is why it's necessary to use sanitizing chemicals such as granular chlorine on a regular basis to keep your pool water clean and safe for your swimmers.

DiscountPoolSupply's granular chlorine will remove bacteria and other organic contaminants from your swimming pool or spa without leaving any residue so you can enjoy clean, sanitized pool water for swimming and recreation! Just pre-dissolve and add directly to pool water for immediate results. Cannot be used in a chlorinator.

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