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Filter Balls for Sand Filter

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Time for you to switch over from sand! Replace the sand in your filter with these easy to use and convenient Filter Balls. 1 Box of these filter balls is equal to 50 lbs. of regular filter sand.

Lightweight alternative to sand

Ecofriendly and Non-toxic

Easily machine washable for clean and easy end of season storage

Filters down to 3-5 microns, up to 6X smaller than sand

Longer lasting up to 5 years and won't clog your filters!

Instructions before use:

Before you add this to your filter, ensure the pump is turned off and there is no flow

  1. Remove filter head from the filter body. Empty the tank as per the manufacturer instructions.

  2. Remove the laterals and pie from the filter body.

  3. Proceed to clean and inspect them for damage. Once you have completed this, return them back into the filter body.

  4. Cover the opening of the pipe with tape to prevent the filter balls from falling into the pipe.

  5. Now add in the filter balls. Each 700g pack is equivalent to one (1) 50 lbs. bag of pool sand. Check filter manufacturer instructions to see how much sand is required for your filter. Once filled, the filter tank should be about 2/3 full.

  6. Remove the tape from the pipe and reinstall the filter head back onto the filter body.

  7. Turn your pump back on and make sure your filter is on filtration mode. You can now prime your pump.

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