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Dolphin E30 Robotic Pool Cleaner (with WiFi)

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The Dolphin Explorer E30 Cleans hard, so you don't have to. This robotic pool cleaner is powerfully nimble on vertical surfaces and intensely scrubs your pools walls waterline for a deep clean. Paired with superior filtering capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool will be free of dirt and debris after each cleaning.

Connect the cleaner to the MyDolphin™ Plus Mobile app and connect to your cleaner from anywhere at any time


  • Suck debris, not energy. Get an exceptional clean pool without the high energy bill.

  • Effortless cleaning. Tangle-free cable allows the Explorer E30 to move freely around the pool with ease.

  • A Cleaner for every pool. This Dolphin is the perfect solution for all pool surface types.

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Pool SizeUp to 50' / 15 m
Water Depth Range1.33ft - 16.4ft / 0.4 m - 5 m
Pool TypeIn-Ground
Filter TypeFine
Filter DescriptionExtra Large Basket, Top-Loaded
Cleaning CoverageFloor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning Cycle(s)2 Hours
Weekly TimerConfigured in the multi-function power supply
Navigation and ManeuverabilityPowerStream mobility system
Number of Brushes2 Brushes
Active Brushes1 Active
Anti-Tangle Swivel CableYes
Cable Length60' /18 m
Warranty24 Months, Limited
Caddy IncludedNot Included
Product Weight16.5 lbs


Comes with a 24 Month Limited Warranty.

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