Custom Safety Cover 3801

Custom Safety Cover

Customize your own pool safety cover for the perfect fit!   Purchasing a custom safety cover is as easy as filling out a measurement form and faxing it to Discount Pool Supply. Download the attached pool measurement form in the "MEDIA" section and fax back to: 416- 665-4699 Once we receive the measurement sheet, we can contact you directly with a quote and order number. Safety First...
Safety Covers have become an essential tool to have in your backyard. Safety covers protect your investment by preventing your pool from damage during harsh weather conditions. DiscountPoolSupply allows you to customize your cover to fit you pool shape and choose from a variety of options such as colour and material. A safety cover is a proactive solution to keeping your pool clean and safe for you and your children. All safety covers come with a 15 year warranty!
Mesh or Solid? A common question is whether to choose a mesh or solid safety cover. Both are great options and can be based on personal preference. The main difference between mesh and solid is the type of weave. Mesh covers have a looser weave which allows water from rain or melted snow to fall through the cover and into the pool. This leaves all of the dirt and debris left on top of the safety cover to be blown away. This prevents water buildup and eliminates maintenance during the winter. Mesh covers are also a lot lighter which can make the season opening less of a hassle. A solid safety cover completely blocks the sun's UV rays and all water from seeping into your pool. This eliminates the threat of algae and bacteria growing in your pool. A clean and clear pool also makes for an easy spring opening. Solid safety covers are heavier and require more maintenace. Rain water buildup can cause the safety cover to sag so careful monitoring is needed to reduce the buildup. There is no wrong choice in choosing your safety cover. They are a both safe and secure and protect your investment- the choice is yours!   Mesh colours available:      LIGHT SAND         OCEAN BLUE     FORREST GREEN        BLACK  
Solid colours available:      SAFETY COVER FEATURES      
Heavy Duty Springs:

Our safety covers come with heavy duty stainless steel springs. These springs are fully covered with a vinyl wrap to prevent scratches and rubbing onto the deck foundation. The vinyl casing also maintains the durability of the springs,  preventing them from rust and damage during the winter   season.     

Secure Strap Buckles:

We are always trying to create innovative products to improve the quality for our customers. The standard D-ring used in all other safety covers causes the webbing to slip out and become less secure. This new buckle design keeps the webbing in place for a tight and secure cover all season long. Fewer visits from your installer means more money in your pocket. 
 Double Web Seams:
All of our safety covers are made of tough, durable polypropylene mesh material. This material is made of 500lb tensile strength webbing on both sides of the cover with a heavy duty triple reinforced stitching. Unlike other covers, we double web the whole cover, not just the edges. The quality is in the stitching and ours covers are built to last.

 The Box Stitch: Our triple stitch thread is bonded by a box stitch where all seams intersect. These box stitches are threaded on both sides of the cover to ensure extra strength and durability.  All thread is made with UV protection from the sun’s rays and pool chemicals damage.

Padded Coping Strips:
All of our safety covers come equipped with padding coping strips. This helps create a buffer between your safety cover and the deck material surrounding your pool. The coping strips greatly reduce damage from wear and tear.  
Cover Includes: All of our standard safety covers come with the following:
  • Storage bag
  • Installation rod
  • Tamping tool
  • Hexagon key for anchor
  • Brass anchors
  • Springs
  • Buckles
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