Winter Covers

A winter pool cover is necessary in a northern climate like Canada for a number of reasons. It not only keeps out debris such as bugs, branches and leaves, it also helps to reduce the amount of water and chemicals lost in your pool through evaporation. During the winter months, a pool cover also reduces the chances of algae problems as algae cannot grow without sunlight. Using a winter pool cover will help you save both time and money, particularly when it comes time for your spring cleanup.  


  • Our above ground covers have an ADDITIONAL 4ft True Overlap. Do not settle for an "approximate overlap" 
  • Our inground covers have an ADDITIONAL 6ft True Overlap. Do not settle for "an approximate overlap"
  • This extra material will better defend your pool during windy outdoor conditions by taking the slack out of the cover
  • Our covers are woven with  thick, high-density polyethylene stitching
  • Our premium covers have up to 4.12oz. lamination on both sides, the HEAVIEST IN THE INDUSTRY!  
  • The perimeter seam on our covers is reinforced with polypropylene rope
  • Our covers are backed by an  8 to 15 year  limited manufacturer's warranty
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