Calcium Hardness Booster Water Balancer 118

Calcium Hardness Booster Water Balancer

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Calcium Hardness Booster Water Balancer

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Calcium hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium in your pool or hot tub water. If the water does not have enough calcium, it will scratch plaster surfaces. If there is too much calcium, it will deposit the excess on pool/spa surfaces and equipment and cause corrosion. Your pool water might look sparkling clear, but your water may also contain a concealed hazard to your pool equipment and surface - Low calcium hardness. DiscountPoolSupply's Calcium Hardness Booster is an easy to use chemical that works quickly to increase the calcium hardness in your swimming pool or hot tub and help maintain calcium levels between 200-300ppm for pools and hot tubs.
Key Features:
  • Protects your pool from damage caused by corrosive water
  • Special formula works quickly and effectively
  • Calcium Hardness Booster is easy to use and will restore your pool's water chemistry by raising the level of dissolved calcium present in the pool water
  • Use together with calcium hardness test strips
  • Available in various sizes
  • Granular
  • Test your water and calculate how much Calcium Hardness Booster is needed
  • Mix with water and add to pool
  • Use about 1/4 at a time and wait about 6 hours in between
  • Remember to first balance your alkalinity, then pH level and lastly your calcium hardness.
Adjusts low calcium levels to prevent corrosion and pool surface pitting.
  1. Test for calcium hardness with a reliable test kit. The desired range for calcium hardness is 225 to 300 ppm for plaster pools and 175 to 250 ppm for fiberglass, vinyl or painted pools.
  2. If calcium hardness in less than this desired range, add 112 g of AQUA COASTAL CALIBRATE per 10,000 L to raise the calcium hardness by 10 ppm. 10,000 L is approx. 2,200 Imp. Gal. 1 oz. is approx. 30 g
  • Do not take internally.
  • Keep container tightly closed.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
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