Slow Dissolving Bromine Tablets 2Kg 668

Slow Dissolving Bromine Tablets 2Kg

Pool Stabilizer 1.75KG 136

Pool Stabilizer 1.75KG

Liquid Stabilizer - Instant Pool Water Conditioner 4L 340333

Liquid Stabilizer - Instant Pool Water Conditioner 4L

Slow Dissolving Bromine Tablets 2Kg

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Bromine is a powerful and effective sanitizer like chlorine, but it is much less irritating to your skin and eyes, produces no chlorine odor and makes your pool or spa water silky smooth! Bromine 1" Tablets are a great choice for those who are looking for an alternative to chlorine. It has a proven sanitizer and for many years has been federally approved for use in pools and hot tubs. Bromine purification has little effect on your pH balance and therefore is a safe and simple solution for water purification for your pools or spa water. It is highly recommended for pool and whirlpools that operate with warm water. Unlike chlorine, bromine's unique feature is that the "dead" or "used" bromine cells that normally get filtered or splashed out of the water can be re-used as long as new bromine is being introduced into the water.
Key Features:
  • 1" super-compressed tablets that work great with floaters, skimmers and most automatic feeders
  • Less skin and eye irritation compared to chlorine products
  • Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water
  • Performs well over a broad pH range unlike other commonly used chemicals
  • Safe and effective slow-dissolving bactericide, algaecide and disinfectant
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