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Bromine Granules 700 Gram

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Pool and spa bromine sanitizes water as effectively as chlorine but causes far less irritation to skin and eyes. DiscountPoolSupply offers the most convenient method of adding bromine to your hot tub. This quick dissolving granular allows you to increase bromine levels fast and effectively.
Key Features:

  • Less skin and eye irritation compared to chlorine products

  • Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water

  • Performs well over a broad pH range unlike other commonly used chemicals

  • Safe and effective slow-dissolving bactericide, algaecide and disinfectant

  • Swimming pool bromine produces no chlorine odor and makes the water soft and silky smooth.

  • Pool bromine is pre-stabilized and does not require the use of stabilizers or conditioners, allowing you to save on chemical costs.

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