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Aqua Coastal Inline Zinc Anode

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Helps metal parts resist the influence of electrolysis and protect metal parts from electrolysis damage.

This Zince Anode must be installed after the filter

Steps to follow:

  • Bond this Zinc Anode with 2" PVC pipes front and back. If you are using 1.5" PVC pipe, use the included reducer between the anode and your pipes

  • Turn on the pump and use the air release valve on the top of the cover to release air to fill the transparent housing with water

  • Connect the copper wire to the terminal in the center of the cap and tighten it with a nut

  • Connect the copper wire to the copper wire or ground wire of the swimming pool equipment


  • This anode will gradually sacrifice (corrode) itself

  • The dirt and rust layer on the surface should be removed with sandpaper every 4 - 6 months

  • The Zinc Anode should be replaced when the size is half of the original size

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