Anti-Freeze 147


Ultimate Pool Closing Kit 39

Ultimate Pool Closing Kit

Winter Jacket for Solar Blanket up to 16' 1530504

Winter Jacket for Solar Blanket up to 16'


A winterizing essential!
This non-toxic antifreeze is designed specifically for swimming pools and outdoor whirlpool pipes. It will help to ensure that when you close your pool or spa for the winter, your lines are protected from freeze-ups. Our Pool Anti-Freeze is specially formulated to protect all water systems to -50°C. It will not dissolve copper, brass, or plastic piping and parts (except acetates). Protect your pipes with our Anti-Freeze - never use automotive antifreeze as it is toxic and it can severely damage your pool equipment. Antifreeze goes in the plumbing - not in the pool. Your chlorinator should be drained and flushed out but antifreeze should NOT be added to chlorinator.
Directions For Use In Pools:
1. Drain pool plumbing, piping, and valves as per manufacturer's recommendations. Close all valves and replace plugs.
2. Add Pool Anti-Freeze to the plumbing
3. When summerizing pool - No draining of equipment or pipes is necessary before operating because it is non-toxic.
3.78 L / 1 Gal
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