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24'x44' Elite Pro-Shield Rectangle Winter Pool Cover

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Our premium 24'x44' Rectangle Fabrene Winter Covers are the perfect option for protecting your pool during the winter season. They are made with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching which helps prevents seam separation. Our high weave count ensures long lasting durability and prevents our cover from tearing.  Our covers are protected by the UV Protect lamination which helps defend against ultraviolet rays from the sun. Our Fabrene covers are the best winter protection for the best value on the market! Do not be fooled by our competitors winter covers that offer "approximate 6 ft overlap". Our winter covers have a true 6 ft overlap. We recommend that 3 or 4 inches of water is added on top of the cover once it has been installed. The weight of the water will protect your cover and help prevent tearing.
Why choose our winter covers?

  • Do not settle for an "approximate overlap". Our above ground covers have a 6ft True Overlap.

  • This extra material will better defend your pool during windy outdoor conditions by taking the slack out of the cover.

  • Our premium covers have 3****.24oz****, lamination on both sides. The perimeter seam is reinforced with polypropylene rope.

  • Our covers are backed by a 8 year limited manufacturer’s warranty**

  • **Warranty covers manufacturer defects only.

Click here to learn about Pool Maintenance.

Click here to see steps for In-Ground Pool Installation.


  • Keeps pools clean and free from dirt, leaves, and debris

  • Stops chemical loss through evaporation

  • Prevents algae growth

  • Protects pools from winter wear and tear

  • Eliminates costly maintenance and spring cleanup

  • Colour: Blue facing up, Black facing down


Our 20'x44' Rectangular Winter Pool Covers are the perfect option for protecting your pool during the winter season. They are made with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching with a high weave count and high quality laminated sheeting.

24'x44' Elite Pro-Shield Rectangle Winter Pool Cover Reviews

2 Reviews

Great pool cover
By alain bVerified Buyer

I received a 30 x 50 cover insread of the 24 x 44 that i orderd but it will do just fine. Shipping and delivery was fast.i am very satisfied.thank you

By Eric WVerified Buyer

This is the second winter pool cover of this type I have purchased in the last couple of years. I find they do not last nearly as long as I would hope. It wears through any "outside" angle even though I place padding under those spots to try to protect them from wear. My area endures fairly nasty winter weather with strong winds so I expect it to wear out somewhat sooner.

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