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24' x 44' Rectangle Exclusive Space Age Solar Blanket

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The most advanced solar blanket with aluminum heat shield. The material is engineered for more efficient heat retention! 10 year limited pro-rated warranty! Our exclusive round-shaped bubbles effectively boosts the overall performance of the cover. Decreasing the space between the cells and increasing the air space within each cell with a more efficient round shaped bubble design results in dramatic increases in the insulating and heat generating effectiveness by up to 23 percent! A solar blanket is a cost-effective tool designed to increase the water temperature of you pool. Solar blankets absorb the natural sunlight during the day and retain the heat at night time. Our solar blankets can help raise your pool temperature by up to 15 degrees without paying a dime!

Solar blankets provide several great features:

  • A solar blanket works as a shield to prevent dirt and debris from entering your pool. This will reduce the amount of labour and chemical usage it takes to maintain your pool’s sanitation. Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time playing in it!

  • Solar blankets can work on any size pool or spa. Our solar blankets come in a variety of sizes and can be fitted to any pool shape.

  • Supplementing your solar blanket with any pool heater will greatly enhance its performance and can reduce energy costs by up to 70 percent. High profile air pockets effectively trap the natural sunlight and dramatically retain the heat during cool nights and cloudy days.

  • Solar blankets also greatly reduce water evaporation as much 95 percent.

  • Solar blankets are an eco-friendly concept and help the environment by reducing energy consumption and conserving water

  • 12 mill thickness

    24' x 44' Rectangle Exclusive Space Age Solar Blanket Reviews

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