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14' x 28' Rectangle Clear Deluxe Solar Blanket

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The purpose of a solar blanket is to generate and retain heat from the sun's natural energy. A clear solar cover is proven to attract the most sunlight than dark or black covers. All of our clear solar covers are 12 mill thick and are made of tiny round air bubbles designed to capture and retain heat into your pool. The thickness of the cover is designed as a shield for your pool to prevent any heat loss. Cut your energy costs and water evaporation by up to 95% with out deluxe clear solar covers and save with free heat.


  • Bubble: extrusion method eliminates delaminating

  • Hot air sealing of 1" width, for a solid joint

  • Only 100% new material, not recycled!

  • Plastic bubble on line extrusion method

  • 12 mill thick

  • Backed by our 5 year warranty


  • Solar blankets protect you pool from dirt and debris

  • Reduces your cost in chemicals

  • Greatly reduces water evaporation

  • Extended swimming pool season

  • Greatly reduces the cost of electricity to heat your pool

  • Keeps your water temperature warmer without high energy costs

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