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Having a heated swimming pool not only increases the swimming season for your family, it also increases the value of your pool, especially here in Canada!  Discount Pool Supply Canada offers a great selection of swimming pool heaters for every shape and size pool.  We carry a large selection of Raypak pool heaters that provide even and cost efficient heating for any size swimming pool.  We also carry a selection of solar heating solutions for your swimming pool.

Fast & Free shipping in Ontario and Quebec and easy flat rate shipping for the rest of Canada on all swimming pool heaters.


Above Ground Heaters

When it comes to above ground pool heaters, Discountpoolsupply.com has you covered. With a variety of gas and solar options, customers can find the right heater to suit their needs and budget. Discountpoolsupply.com offers two natural gas models from RayPak, which feature state-of-the-art engineering components.

Also available is the Eco Saver Solar Dome Heater, which is a cost-effective solution for any above-ground pool, providing the power of natural heat. Or you can opt for the EcoSaver Solar Panel Kit. This two-panel kit mounts to your roof, and transfers heat to your pool's existing filtration system.


Electric Heaters

Offering a wide selection of electric heaters from K-Star, Discountpoolsupply.com has you covered for all of your electric heater needs. Models range from 5kw to 15kw. 

The standard heater series from K-Star keeps temperatures constant, up to 104ºF thank to feature such as stainless steel incoloy-sheathed elements to increase longevity, copper grounding lugs, leakage current collectors, PVC impact-resistant tank, winterizing drain plug, high limit manual control reset, and more. Meanwhile the K-Star Titanium series offers the same features, but is more salt water friendly, whereas K-Star's Digital Salt Water Friendly series features a digital thermostat, and works with salt and non-salt water environments.


Gas and Propane Heaters

With a class-leading lineup of gas heaters, Discountpoolsupply.com has your pool and hot tub heating needs covered. With heaters from brands like Midwest, Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, and Sta-Rite, you can't find a better selection anywhere else.

Available from Midwest is the 206 BTU Natural Gas Heater Cupro-Nickel. Meanwhile, available from Jandy is the Hi-E2 natural gas series, with salt water friendly models available. The Pro Series JXi features an ultra-efficient, ultra-compact, lightweight design. The top of the line Jandy LXi is one of the most eco-friendly natural gas options, renowned for its low emission, high-performing technology.

Hayward's H Series offers options for every pool and hot tub owner. Designed specifically for budget-conscious consumers, each H Series model features a Finn Plate heater exchanger and Fire Tile combustion chamber. Meanwhile, Pentair's natural gas MasterTemp Electronic Heater is high-performing, ultra quick and efficient, compact, and eco-friendly. It is also one of the most user-friendly heaters available on the market today.

Sta-Rite's elite Max-E-Therm natural gas heater lineup offers premium performance, a rustproof exterior, increased efficiency, and intuitive technology, making it a favourite amongst industry professionals. RayPak offers an array of above-ground and in-ground natural gas heating options at an affordable price. Digital options are also available, as well as units with an electronic ignition.

Propane heaters are also available, from brands such as Jandy, Hayward, RayPak and Pentair. Propane heaters are beneficial because they only require only a small percentage of the fuel compared to natural gas heaters.


Other Heating Products

  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps work to circulate the existing heat throughout the pool to maintain a comfortable swimming environment. Providing customers with an array of heat pumps from brands such as Jandy, Pentair, Hayward, and Raypak. With over two dozen models available including in-ground and above-ground units, you can find the heat pump you’re looking for.
  • Heat Savers: Looking for a practical, non-toxic, eco-friendly way to maintain your pool's temperature? Look no further than the Liquid Solar Fish. This cost effective solution is perfect for the budget-conscious consumer. Simply snip the fin, squeeze the air out, and place it in the pool. Use one fish for every 400 sq. ft., and enjoy perfect temperatures for up to one month!
  • Solar Heaters: Discountpoolsupply.com offers an array of solar heating options from industry-leading brands, such as EcoSAVER, Maytronics, Enersol, Midwest and Pentair. Products include solar domes and solar panels, roof mounting kits, and solar heating installation kits. Other products include replacement parts and repair kits.


Pool Heater Parts

Discountpoolsupply.com offers an array of heating parts, including conversion kits, drafthoods, heater manifolds, heater elements and miscellaneous parts.

  • Conversion Kits: Conversion kits are available for an array of heaters, from brands such as Pentair and Sta-Rite.
  • Drafthoods: Drafthoods are available for various heaters, including indoor drafthoods from Raypak, as well as high wind and indoor draftwoods for Hayward's H Series.
  • Heater Manifolds: Heater manifolds are available for a variety of power combinations.
  • Heater Elements: Heater elements are available for a variety of pools and hot tubs, including side mount, bowtie, hair pin, threaded, pigtail, and more.
  • Miscellaneous Parts: There are an array of additional parts available, including contactors, single phase heaters, thermostats, pressure switches, gaskets, flow switches, and more.

For All Your Pool and Hot Tub Heating Needs Visit Discountpoolsupply.com