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Above Ground Filter Systems

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Above Ground Pool Filter Systems 

Just because you have an above ground pool doesn’t mean a filter isn’t going to be as necessary as it is with an in ground pool. At Discount Pool Supply we offer a number of above ground filters, each of varying horsepower and size, to ensure your pool is properly taken care of. Whether you choose a Clear Water or Waterway filter, you can be certain that your pool will be sparkling all summer long, and you might even find that these quality filters can help you conserve water too.  We offer fast and free shipping across Canada .

Pool filter systems are still needed with above ground swimming pools and you’ll be able to find a variety of them at Discount Pool Supply. They come in various sizes and power to make sure there’s an ideal system for your pool. Two of the most popular manufacturers of above ground filters we carry are Waterway and Game . These popular, energy-efficient filters are designed to keep your swimming water as clean and refreshing as possible year in, year out.

When choosing a combination filter/pump system for an above ground pool you’ll need to make sure it’s big and strong enough for your pool. Pools that are as large as 24 feet in size typically use a one-horsepower pump and larger pools will use a 1.5-horsepower pump. At Discount Pool Supply we’ll be able to match your pool with the right size of pump to make sure you’re not paying more in energy costs than you need to. We’ll also make sure the filter is the right size for the pool and pump. There is a difference between an inground filter system and an above ground system as an above ground pump will typically be located on the ground near the pool, meaning it will sit below the water line.

Pumps for above ground pools also differ from inground models as they’re designed to force the water upwards. Canadian pool owners have the option of single speed and dual-speed pumps, which are considered to be quieter to operate and more eco-friendly. Single-speed models operate consistently at the same speed and dual-speed models enable the pump to run at two different speeds to save on energy costs. A lower speed is ideal for circulating pool water while the higher speed is designed for backwashing the filter and vacuuming the pool.

There are also several types of above ground filters such as sand, cartridge, and D.E. (diatomaceous earth)  models. At Discount Pool Supply we’ll gladly explain the differences between them and explain how they work and need to be maintained.  Below are a few samples of the makes and models we offer.

Game SandPro 50 Pump/Filter System, 1/2 HP Pump
This popular above ground sand filter by Game is ideal for any size of pool up to 15,000 gallons (56,000 litres). It offers superior filtration due to its powerful, but quiet self-priming pump. This unit is easy to install and can save as much as 25 per cent on energy costs compared to similar class filters. The 1/2-horsepower pump has a flow rate of 40 gallons per minute with an efficiency impeller which is designed for maximum water flow. The filter comes with a pressure gauge and an easy-to-use four-position valve with winterize, rinse, backwash and filter options. The unit has a large, easy-to-clean hair and debris strainer basket which comes with a see-through lid. The system has a limited warranty of 12 months and used 45 lbs. of sand.

Game SandPro 75 Pump/Filter System, 3/4 HP Pump
This pump/filter system from Game provides quality performance for above ground pools up to 20,000 gallons (75,000 litres). The unit’s self-priming 3/4-horsepower pump is quiet yet powerful and generates a maximum water flow of 52 gallons per minute with its high-efficiency impeller. This model is designed for easy installation and can save as much as 25 per cent in energy costs. The rotary valve is easy to operate and features filter, rinse, winterize and backwash options. There’s a full-size pressure gauge and the large hair and debris strainer basket is easy to clean and comes with a see-through, clear lid. This system uses 80 lbs. of sand and comes with a 12-month limited warranty.

Waterway 22" Above Ground Sand Filter System 1 HP
This Clearwater above ground pump and filter system by Waterway features a one horsepower motor. The pump comes with a one-year warranty while the filter has a 10-year warranty. This model is made of corrosion-proof ABS plastic and has a pressure gauge and sight glass. The top-mounted multiport valve features seven different options and the unit comes with all of the hardware, clamps, and hoses that are needed for easy installation. The pump trap is extra large at seven inches and features a clear lid. This quiet and energy-efficient filter system is designed for easy maintenance and the accessory base enables you to add on an optional chlorinator kit and/or timer.