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Robotic Cleaners

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Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Canadian swimming pool owners will find a wide variety of automatic robotic pool cleaners at Discount Pool Supply for both inground and above ground pools. Why spend hours of your time cleaning the bottom and walls of your pool when you can have the robotic cleaner do it for you? Most owners would rather spend their time swimming in their pools rather than cleaning them. We carry the most popular robotic pool cleaning brands which produce the latest, state-of-the-art cleaning technology. These include a variety of models from manufacturers such as Polaris, Smartpool, Aquabot, and Pentair.

Robotic pool cleaners are generally computer controlled and operate independently from the pump and filter system. They use low-voltage electricity to power them and can save on energy costs since the pump doesn’t need to be running. The cleaners also have a built-in filter to save even more energy and extend the life of the pool’s filter and pump. A robotic pool cleaner is quite easy and safe to use as it just needs to be plugged in and place in the water. Many units come with remote controls which enable you to steer them around dirty areas of the pool. They’re economically friendly and quite fast to boot.

Polaris 945 Premium Robotic Pool Cleaner
This four-wheel drive robotic pool cleaner from Polaris features the company’s Easy Lift System as well as a seven-day programmable timer. This model is designed to cut energy use by as much as 90 percent. It comes with a rear-water cleaning system which makes it ideal for tight corners and stairs. Larger debris can easily be disposed of due to the large suction intake. The durable tires can climb over any type of obstacle and pool terrain without the unit getting stuck. The premium Polaris 945 cleaner can handle any type of surface as well as the walls, steps and tile line in about 90 minutes due to its pleated scrubbing brush. This model is ideal for pools as long as 50 feet and it can be assembled without any tools. The large filter canister can be easily emptied as it’s accessed from the top and the unit has a convenient motion sensor as well as a two-year warranty.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner
This above ground robotic pool cleaner from Aquabot is ideal for cleaning the floors of any above ground pool. It’s a lightweight model that doesn’t need any hoses and is more or less maintenance-free. All you need to do is place it in the pool and push the start button. This unit is jet-propelled and can clean a 24-foot diameter pool in approximately half an hour. It’s a self-contained unit which features an internal filtration system and pump. The Aquabot cleaner can remove all sorts of contaminants and debris as small as two microns in size. The smart-guidance system means it’s easy to set and can handle any shape of pool. The Pool Rover Junior comes with extra-wide tires which are suitable for all types of surfaces and it has a one-year warranty.

Pentair Prowler 820 Robotic Cleaner w/ Caddy (360031)
This Kreepy Krauly inground robotic pool cleaner by Pentair can scrub, vacuum, and filters most swimming pools in less than three hours, including the waterline. The Prowler 820 is environmentally friendly and comes with an internal filtration system which is designed to thoroughly circulate the chemicals in the pool to help improve water quality. It’s powered by low-voltage electricity and can clean some pools for as low as 15 cents. This robotic cleaner is independent of the pool’s circulation system and doesn’t require any hoses or booster pump as it simply plugs into an electrical socket. This model is ideal for pools as long as 50 feet as it vacuums all sorts of debris while helping eliminate algae from the water. The easy-to-clean filter cartridge makes it easy to maintain and comes with an indicator which lets you know when it needs to be emptied. This model can easily handle ladders and steps due to its automatic-reverse feature. It comes with a caddy for storage and handling and has a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Discount Pool Supply is the online leader when it comes to robotic swimming pool cleaners in Canada.  We offer fast and free shipping Canada wide at prices lower than your local pool store.  Shop online today and save!