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Water Balancers

Pool water balancers are used in conjunction with sanitizers to help prevent algae growth and cloudy water, maximizing the performance of the chlorine. In order to maintain a comfortable and healthy swimming pool, it is important to keep the water balanced. With quick and simple testing it is easy for pool owners to keep track of what chemicals are needed.

pH Level is the acid/base content of your pool water and levels should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6 in order to prevent any irritation or pool surface damage.

Total Alkalinity Booster is also offered for easier control of pH and chlorine levels and to provide a comfortable swimming environment.

Other products such as Calcium Hardness Booster help prevent your pool water from becoming corrosive and damaging your pool equipment. DiscountPoolSupply has all of your water balancing chemicals to choose from at affordable prices.







Pool Sanitizers

Sanitizers are pool disinfectants that help keep your pool water free from contaminants so you can enjoy a worry-free swim. Chlorine and Bromine are used to keep water clear and inhibit the growth of viruses, algae and organic contaminants.  

Chlorine is the most poplar sanitizer used in pool water. Pool chlorine breaks down into many different chemicals that kill microorganisms and bacteria by attacking the lipids in the cell walls and destroying the enzymes, rendering them oxidized and harmless  Chlorine tablets and sticks are great for use in floaters, skimmers and automatic chemical feeders.

Bromine can help keep your pool water at a more stable level of disinfecting power at higher water temperatures. Bromine can be found in granular, liquid or tablet form. Bromine is also less irritating to skin and eyes and does not produce a chlorine odour.

DiscountPoolSupply has several types of Chlorine and Bromine for all pool owners to help maintain a clean and healthy pool for you and your family to enjoy.

Pool Shocking Chemicals

DiscountPoolSupply’s pool shocking chemicals will help keep your swimming pool clean and sparkling. Pool shock is used to quickly raise the chlorine level in your pool as various bacteria and organic pollutants can resist normal chlorinator and contaminate your pool. Shocking your pool will help remove bacteria and other harmful organisms caused by a build-up during periods of hot weather and heavy pool usage. DiscountPoolSupply offers pool shocking chemicals that will eradicate bacteria and are safe enough for weekly treatments. Look for our alternative non-chlorine shock, Quik Shok for those swimmers who are chlorine sensitive that is safe to use immediately after use of the product! Quik Shock is a powerful oxidizing agent that removes bacteria and other contaminants.

Natural Chemicals

DiscountPoolSupply offers a range of naturally based solutions that create healthy, environmentally friendly pool water for swimming and recreation. These products are easy to use and provide a wide range of treatment programs for specific problems. For safe, clean and comfortable water that will not stain your pool or cause unwanted irritation, use our selection of natural pool and spa products- An excellent maintenance alternative and a cleaner environment! 



Pool Algaecides

Do you struggle with pool algae every year? Algae are single-celled plants that contain chlorophyll whose seeds are drooped into pools by rain, wind, leaves and other debris and thrive off of sunlight and carbon dioxide. The most common types of pool water algae are green, pink, black and mustard. Algaecides are used to prevent this algae growth and kill existing algae that survives general chlorine dosages.  DiscountPoolSupply has a selection of chemicals that can be used to prevent algae from going as well as to eradicate any existing algae from your pool. DiscountPoolSupply offers the exclusive Algi-Free 2 which has a 50% algaecide concentration!  We also offer phosphate removal products such as Phos Out which will eliminate the phosphates from the water, effectively starving the algae and preventing its growth.  All of our algae products work wonders to remove and prevent algae growth to give swimmers a clean and clear swimming pool!

Pool Clarifiers and Conditioners

Pool Clarifiers and conditioners are used to remove small particles that are caught in your filter causing cloudy water. Clarifying agents will cause these particles to cling to each other making them larger and easier to remove through a pool vacuum or filtration. DiscountPoolSupply offers clarifying products such as Quik-Floc that will remove oil and scum deposits and improve your filter’s efficiency. Go from cloudy to clear in 24 hours! Additionally, we offer Pool Soft Supreme which is a softening agent that works by stabilizing the pH level and provides a comfortable, silky swimming experience and can be used in chlorine or bromine pools. 


Pool Stain Remover Chemicals

Stain removal chemicals are used to remove stains, scale, discolouration such as rust and cloudy water caused by metals and organic contaminants in your pool water. DiscountPoolSupply’s sequestering agents are designed to help your filter remove these metals and keep your pool clean. Chemicals such as Metal Free helps protect against staining from metals such as iron and copper without raising phosphate levels in your pool water. We also offer a selection of products that will remove existing stains on pool surfaces such as concrete and liners and to prevent waterline build-up. DiscountPoolSupply has everything you need to keep your pool clean and beautiful. 


Pool Cleaning Chemicals

Pool cleaning chemicals are used to clean pool surfaces and areas that become damaged or dirtied by chemicals or organic materials that come into contact with the pool. DiscountPoolSupply offers a wide range of chemicals that clean anything from your pool filter, cartridge, vinyl liner, spa cover and more! Cleaning accessories such as our Mytee Mitt are also offered to help you scrub off any unwanted stains or debris.



Chemical Bundles

DiscountPoolSupply has made pool maintenance easy! We have taken some of our best and most effective chemicals and created a chemical bundle at a discounted price. Our bundles range from nature-friendly products to a season supply bundle that has all of your weekly maintenance chemicals that will last you up to 3 months! Make your shopping experience a one-stop shop and get everything you need from DiscountPoolSupply!




Water Test Kits

Balancing your water chemistry is an important factor in maintaining your pool properly and to prevent any irritation or contamination in your pool water. Measuring your chemical levels is simple to do and can be done with any of DiscountPoolSupply’s water test kits. We offer test kits that are simple and easy to use. Let the test kits do the work, so you don’t have to! Test strips and test kits are designed to test several different chemical levels with just one kit.

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We carry a wide array of swimming pool chemicals for all your pool needs. Whether you are looking for chemicals for basic weekly pool maintenance, opening your pool, closing your pool, or specialty chemicals, we got it all, all at the best prices!  Fast & Free shipping across Canada for all pool and spa chemicals.