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  • What chemicals do I need to open above-ground pool?

    Ready for another great pool season in Canada?  Before we enjoy our pool, first we have to go through the opening process.  One of the most important things for opening your pool is knowing the right pool chemicals to use so your water is crystal clear. Pool Chemicals Needed When...
  • Three Ways to Ensure Your Swimming Pool is Clean

    Perhaps the best part of summer is spending hours and hours under the warm sun in the cool waters of a swimming pool. But, your pool can quickly loose its appeal if it hasn’t been properly cleaned and maintained throughout the year, making your summer not so enjoyable. If you...
  • How To Select an Above Ground Pool Filter System

    There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right filter system for an above-ground swimming pool. You can typically purchase the pump and filter as one unit, but you can also buy them individually if you like. The pump/filter systems typically come built onto...
  • What’s the Difference Between Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine?

    The day has finally come… you are the proud owner of a new swimming pool!  With the enjoyment of your new pool also comes the responsibility of checking chlorine levels and proper maintenance. It doesn’t always take long for pool owners to feel overwhelmed and confused by the details of...
  • Fall Pool Closing Tips [infographic]

    Now that the pool season here in Canada has come to an end, thousands of pool owners will be starting the task of closing their pools down until next season. Even though the pool season in Canada seems short, hopefully everyone got as much fun out of their pools as possible...
  • How Do I Winterize My Swimming Pool?

    Summer has come and gone, and now pool owners are faced with the task of preparing their pool for another cold Canadian winter. Winterizing your pool is a means to help protect your in ground pool from any of the damage that freezing water can cause, and to make your...
  • Tips for Winterizing Your Above Ground Pool

    Learning how to winterize your above ground pool is one of the realities of being a pool owner in Canada. Not only does winterizing your pool protect your equipment from ice damage, but it can make opening your pool in the summer much quicker, which means you can start swimming...
  • How To Use Your Hot Tub During a Cold Canadian Winter

    Canadian winters are so unpredictable, you never know how soon they will start and when they will end.   Snow and cold weather are guaranteed, but sometimes the cold, dark days drag on for months on end.   This doesn’t mean your outdoor hot tub has to hibernate until the...
  • 5 Winter Pool Cover Care Tips

    If you live in a cold climate, like here in Canada,  you should cover your swimming pool before the winter weather shows up in your backyard. The reason for this is to keep the pool protected and clean, but it’s also a good idea to protect the winter cover as...
  • What Kind of Pool Cover Should I Buy?

    Once the summer swimming season comes to an end, Canadian pool owners will be busy covering their pools for the winter. Many owners already have a swimming pool cover, but others could be planning on buying one for the first time and are wondering which type will suit them best...

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