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Pool Supplies Winnipeg

 Pool Supplies Winnipeg

Unfortunately, the annual swimming season in Winnipeg is sometimes shorter than other areas of Canada and this is why it’s a good idea to always be prepared to take advantage of a short pool season. If you only have several weeks to enjoy the warm summer weather, Winnipeg pool and spa owners would rather be refreshing themselves in the pool or hot tub instead of working on and maintaining them. You definitely don’t want to miss any opportunity for a swim or a soak because your pool or spa isn’t ready to use. The key to being prepared is to make sure all of your working parts are in order and you have all of the necessary chemicals and accessories on hand once spring arrives.

You can make sure you’re well prepared in a moment’s notice by visiting Discountpoolsupply.com at any time of the year. We are the only pool supply store in Canada you need to visit when shopping for all of your pool and hot tub needs. We offer a full range of salt water/resin, steel, and aluminum swimming pools along with spas, hot tubs, parts, accessories, toys and chemicals etc. Everything you could possibly require for your pool or hot tub can be found in one convenient location, all at prices below your retail pool stores.. This includes heaters, pumps, filters, liners, solar blankets, safety covers, winter covers, oxidizers, sanitizers, chlorine, automatic pool cleaners, water-testing kits, ozone and salt water systems, diving boards, slides, steps, floats and loungers, leaf nets, patio furniture, solar-reel systems, above-ground fencing, lighting, games and toys and even patio furniture.

When it comes to hot tubs, swimming pools and spas, Winnipeg area residents will be able to choose from some of the top brands in the business such as Zodiac, Balboa, Pentair, Hayward, Swimline, Raypak, Polaris, Jandy, Gecko, Dolphin, Unkel, Del Ozone, Kreepy Krauly, Waterway, and Natural Chemistry.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners

There’s not really any need to spend several hours a week vacuuming your swimming pool when you can enlist the aid of an automatic pool cleaner. These technical marvels are designed to help keep your pool’s walls and floor clean by constantly circulating around the pool and sucking up or brushing the dirt into the filter system. Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool and it can also be a health hazard. You can stay one step ahead of the game with an automatic cleaner. This will also give you more free time to enjoy the Winnipeg summer. You’ll find numerous types of automatic pool cleaners in stock from manufacturers including Kreepy Krauly, Dolphin, Midwest, Polaris, Pentair, and Zodiac. We carry several styles of aboveground and inground cleaners including pressure-side and suction side cleaners as well as robotic options. They’re available in a wide range of prices to fit all types of budgets.


Pool Heaters

It’s always disappointing to have to skip a day’s worth of fun and frolic in your pool simply because the water is too cool. This won’t be a problem though with a reliable pool heater in place to keep your water temperature at a consistently comfortable level. The best swimming season in Winnipeg is an extended swimming season and this can be possible with a swimming pool heater or a heat pump for your pool. It provides you with the option of opening your pool earlier in the spring and closing it later in the fall regardless of mediocre outdoor temperatures. At Discount Pool Supply Canada, you’ll find several types of popular pool heating options such as electric, solar, propane, and natural gas. We have heating systems for both inground and aboveground pools along with heat savers and heat pumps. They come in various sizes and power outputs to make sure there’s one suitable for everybody’s pool size. Some of our most popular pool heaters are designed and manufactured by companies such as Raypak, Natural Chemistry, Jandy and Midwest.


Pool Pumps

Your pool water needs to stay clean, fresh and healthy for the swimming season and that’s why a suitable and dependable pump system is required. The water and chemicals need to be distributed evenly throughout the swimming pool regardless of its shape and size. When in the market for a high-tech pool pump, simply browse our giant selection of swimming pool pumps, including energy saving and efficient variable speed pool pumps, and match one up with your pool. We offer various size and horsepower pumps for all types of inground and aboveground pools. We’re sure to have a suitable energy-efficient pump in stock for your specific swimming pool. They all include a warranty and CSA approval sticker and are made by some of the industry’s top companies such as Midwest, Jandy, Waterway, and Pentair.


Pool covers

It’s a good idea to cover your pool all year round to protect your swimming pool as well as keep it clean and warm. This can be achieved with a good solar blanket as well as a safety pool cover or winter pool cover. No matter what shape and size your pool is we’ll be able to cover it at Discountpoolsupply.com. This includes rectangular, round, and oval cover options of all sizes for inground and aboveground models, we'll even create a custom sized pool cover just for you. Along with our selection of safety covers, winter covers and solar blankets we also have water bags, pool leaf nets, and solar roller systems etc from companies such as Covertech, Feherguard, Natural Chemistry, and Midwest.


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Discountpoolsupply.com offers fast and free shipping anywhere in Canada on all orders of at least $200. Orders below this amount cost just $9.95 for shipping to Ontario and $19.95 to Winnipeg and the rest of the nation. Please note that larger items may be regarded as oversized and could result in additional shipping costs.

Swimming pool and hot tub owners in Winnipeg can easily shop online at anytime of the day and night side by visiting www.Discountpoolsupply.com. Feel free to browse our categories and products to save both money and time when searching for swimming pool and hot tub products. Simply choose the products you desire and place them in the online shopping cart before heading to the easy-to-use checkout process. Discountpoolsupply.com is pleased to offer Winnipeg residents the latest swimming pool and hot tub items at a reduced cost from the most-trusted manufacturers in the business.