ecoSAVER Solar Panel Kit, Two Panels (10' x 30

ecoSAVER Solar Panel Kit, Two Panels (10' x 30")

ecoSAVER 29

ecoSAVER 29" Solar Dome Solar Swimming Pool Heater

ecoSAVER Solar Panel Kit, Two Panels (10' x 30")

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The Solar Panel kit will easily mount to your roof, allowing you to harness the natural heat from the sun and enjoy the advantages of using green technology to produce energy. ecoSAVER Solar Panel Features: 2 Sizes Available
• 10' "Space Saver" system 

   uses two 10 ft. panels
• 20' Standard system (Please call for availability on 20' panels) 
   uses one 20 ft. panel

Maximum Heat Solar Panels
• 30" wide panels (compared to others at only 24" wide) produce more heat

Unique Modular Design
• Makes it easy to install multiple panels together

Expandable System 
• You can add additional panels at any time

Flexible and Easy to Install
• Made of LDPE material the ecoSAVER™ panels are durable and  resistant to pool chemicals

Twist Connect Fittings
• Installation is simple. With quick connect fittings, all you need is a screwdriver

Optional Diverter Kit
• Diverter valve lets water bypass panels

Safe To Use
• No gas lines, no fumes, no pollution  ecoSaver Models:

ecoSAVER 10 - Two 30 inch wide x 10 feet long solar panel
• Heats pools up to 24 ft .round
• Perfect fit for Intex-Style pools and above-ground pools
• Fits easily on roofs, garages, and most backyard sheds
• Space Saver! The 10 ft. panels will fit in many places where 
   the larger panel will not ecoSAVER 20 - One 30 inch wide x 20 feet long solar panel (Please call for availabilty on the ecoSAVER 20')
• Heats pools up to 24 ft. round
• Up to 25% larger than other 20' panels
• Best fastening kit available - Installs quick and easy
• Made of LDPE for better panel flexibility; less breakage and leaks
Each kit comes with : 2 panels (30” x 10'), installation instructions, and a hardware and parts kit (1 female elbow fitting, 1 male elbow fitting w/ o-ring, 2 clamps, 2 hose adapters w/ o-rings). Additional Information: 

Location of Eco Saver System:

  1. For best results the ecoSAVER solar heating system must be installed in an area that receives direct sunlight for at least 6 hour a day. This should be in the middle of the day when temperatures are the hottest.
  2. The panels may be placed on the ground, on a rack, or on the roof of a building (i.e. shed, garage, or house). The panels should face SOUTH to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Do not face panels away from the sun, such as on a north-facing roof.
  3. If the panel(s) are installed on the ground, do not place in a high traffic area. Do not walk on the panels as it may damage them and it will void the warranty.
  4. Make sure there are no sharp objects where the panels will lie. Sharp objects can damage the panels and cause leaks.
  5. If the system is mounted on a rack, the rack should be placed at an incline of 30 – 45 º. The rack should not be located where a child can climb on it to gain access to the pool.
  6. An optional Roof Mounting Kit is required for proper installation on a roof or rack.
  7. With the proper pump size, the system may be located up to 30’ from the filter system and on the roof of a 1-story structure. 
Pool Pump Size:
  1. The pump on the filter system should be a full rated pump of 1HP– 1 1/2 HP.
  2. A pump less than 1 horsepower may need to be upgraded for sufficient water flow. After installation of the system and with the filter running, place your hand in the water in front of the inlet fitting. If you feel weak flow you may first try placing the panel(s) closer to the pool. Upgrade pump if needed.
  3. If the pump is larger than 1 1/2 horsepower the optional Diverter Valve Kit (# ESDK-1) must be installed. Failure to control the amount of water flow with a Diverter valve may result in damage to the panel

Determining the Number of Panels Needed:





Up to 21’

Up to 15’ x 25’

Up to 14’ x 28’

1 System


15’ x 30’

15’ x 30’

1 – 2 Systems

28’ – 30’

16’ x 32’

16’ x 32’

2 Systems


20’ x 40’

20’ x 40’

2 – 3 Systems

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